6 Secret Tips You Need To Achieve Success in Business  

6 Secret Tips You Need To Achieve Success in Business

The reality of owning your own business can often be far removed from the overnight success stories you see on social media today. Although business comes with its fair share of challenges, with the right strategies and systems, you can reach your goals and achieve success. Here’s my top 6 secret tips to achieve success in business: 


1. Have a clear vision 

Having a clear vision is fundamental when it comes to business success. As I mention in my recent podcast, the idea is to make sure you know exactly where you are now, but more importantly, where you want to go and work your way from there. This will help you gain and maintain the focus you need to achieve your goals. Ultimately, your vision should help you see the bigger picture and build something that is bigger than yourself.  



2. Build a strong team  

Entrepreneurs usually wear many hats but the problem with that is it’s easy to become a jack of trades and master of none. I made the same mistake for years and it can really slow down your growth. The reality is, you can’t be all things to all people in your business, you have to identify what can you do on a daily basis that’s going to bring in the most amount of money in the shortest space of time. What are your highest key result areas in business? Is that management, operations, systems, processes, negotiating sales, marketing, branding, building relationships, shooting videos? There’s lots of things in my business that I am useless at but the solution is really simple… you have to build a strong team around you and learn to delegate. You have to find people far smarter than you in the areas that you are lacking so you can focus in on your high-income generating tasks. This is essential in helping you reach your goals and achieve success in your business. 



3. Make sure you have a product that is scalable 

This is essential. Far too many people are getting involved with saturated markets. And there’s a lot of opportunity out there right now. But you want to make sure that you can scale your business, so you’ve got to make sure there’s demand. You don’t want to be capped at selling 50 units or 100 units.  


This is why property makes a great investment because you can scale a property portfolio relatively easily. Plus, you can do this using none of your own money. So, whether you have an existing business or are yet to start one, you’ll need to ask yourself whether it’s scalable. If you are still exchanging time for money, where you may be doing one to one work charging 60 pounds an hour, 100 pounds an hour, there’s only so many hours in the day. You’ll want to get out to the masses and make sure there’s massive demand for your product and it is 100% scalable. 



4. Make sure your business is profitable  

Another secret to success in business is making sure you’ve got good profit margins. Simple enough, yet so many entrepreneurs miss it. You’ve got to make sure you are profitable. And it’s not just about making money. It’s also about looking at where you can save money. The trick is to, test, tweak and repeat.  


Far too many people are under-charging for their services and are losing a lot of time for money. Now, what you can’t do is rip people off, or over-charge. But you’ve got to understand what you’re worth and what you bring to the table. Make sure you understand the value your product or service is going to bring and charge accordingly. I encounter far too many people doing a lot of great things for a lot of great people, but they’re not charging for their time and are making a loss. The trick is to make sure you’re over-delivering to your customers for the right price and your business will continue to grow.  


5. Make sure your business is tax efficient  

Making your business tax efficient will have a significant impact on your business. You need to make sure you have right company structure, a great accountant and a tax advisor to support you. In previous businesses, I lost over £392,000 due to mistakes like not meeting with my tax advisor regularly and going over the numbers. With my current team, we have a monthly account meeting across all of my companies to make sure that we are on track.  


This will help you establish where you are underspending or overspending, whether you moving funds around correctly, whether you are putting through the right expense, paying yourself the right wage or taking out the right dividends. The numbers show you exactly where you are. 


6. Believe in yourself  

Lastly, my biggest tip on how to achieve success in business is no matter what happens, never give up and believe in yourself and your product. You are going to have some bumps in the road and moments where you feel like giving up. What’s important is to remember that you are just one relationship, one partner, one product, one client away from massive success. And I believe that if you can sell something once, you can sell it a million times, so you’ve got to be committed and you’ve got to make sure that you never give up on your dreams. 


All in all, being a business owner has so many benefits. It’s really exciting to have the chance to build something you can be proud of and achieve the success you always dreamed of. Not to mention, you get to meet and help lots of people along the way. I hope these tips have helped you discover potential blind spots and explore new ways you can grow your business.  

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