Best ways to advertise rental property and get quality tenants quickly

Best ways to advertise rental property and get quality tenants quickly

So, you’ve completed your final checks and your rental property is now ready to let. But, how do you advertise it to potential tenants and make your listing stand out from thousands of others? Fortunately, there are many ways to advertise rental property easily without having to pay extortionate letting fees. Here’s the best channels to use and top tips on making your ad stand out in order to get quality tenants quickly and efficiently:



Rightmove is the most popular property portals out there and is used by thousands of landlords and property investors to advertise rental property. Advertising on this platform puts your property in front of the biggest and most engaged audience of home movers in the UK, over 130 million visits every month. As you’re required to be a registered estate agent, letting agent, or new home developer to list a property, the best way to advertise rental property on the platform without paying a fortune in letting fees is through an online letting agent like Open Rent.  



Similar to Rightmove, Zoopla is another great platform for listing your rental property. It’s the UK’s second largest property portal, so you can rest assured that you are advertising to the wide audience and boosting your chances of finding quality tenants quickly. Like Rightmove, you’ll need to go through a letting agent to advertise on the platform.



Gumtree has over 3 million monthly users which makes it a great platform for advertising rental property. It’s easy to create an account and list your property. Not to mention, anyone can list on the platform so you will not have to go through a letting agent and can make some huge savings! Win-win!


Prime Location

Prime location is another great platform to advertise rental property, with over 1 million properties for sale and to rent from UK’s top estate agents and developers. The platform allows your listing to be seen by millions of people very quickly. Not to mention there are various ways available to help your listing stand out from the rest and help the right tenants find your property without you having to spend a fortune.


Social media

It may not be a traditional way to advertise rental property, but social media can be a cost-effective way to reach prospective tenants. Not to mention, it removes the barriers of communication between landlords and tenants which is likely to boost direct inquiries. Facebook local groups are a great place to start. The key is to be transparent about your ideal tenant(s), provide a detailed description and up-to-date photos in order to maximise success.

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