Serviced Accommodation: Things You Need to Know

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If you’re looking to create a property portfolio as a long-term project, you need to be ready. Private renting is all the hype right now, and you could turn owning property into your very own full-scale business. Now is your time to take advantage of the market and follow these essential property portfolio tips to make the most of it. 

Set Realistic Goals

No matter how a business operates, it should always start out with realistic and achievable goals. When you become a landlord you will need to decide what your primary objective will be. Deciding on your goal before buying your first investment property will open the door to success and help guide your future property portfolio. Timelines are also essential and your goals need to be scalable.

Putting timelines on your goals will prove beneficial in keeping things on track and monitored as well as enabling you to keep motivated.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Many business owners make mistakes and don’t follow this advice and they end up in deep water later down the line. However, taking a one property approach will prove beneficial to you because you won’t be overwhelming yourself and you give yourself chance to give your property the attention it needs. Starting your portfolio with the one property will set the path for your future where you can then consider building your portfolio.

Having one property to start off will give you time to learn and research so that you can get off to the perfect start on your property portfolio.

Find Properties in Good Condition

Although somewhat run-down properties can pose potential opportunities due to the low prices and renovation opportunities it is a wise choice to go for something that’s in a good condition making for minimal work and a good appeal. Selecting a property in good condition will be a great start for your property portfolio as you will be likely to avoid serious repairs and renovations from the start. Selecting properties that don’t require much work will help you start making a profit faster as you will be able to get tenants through the door in a shorter timeframe.

Add Value to Your Properties

After establishing some confidence, you can put your efforts towards adding some value to your properties. Adding value can be done easily and within a range of budgets depending on your goals. Growing equity alongside rent will be a great way to build upon your property portfolio.

There are many ways to increase the value of a property and it’s all outlined for you in The Latest Assets for Life blog post.

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