Liam is joined by Asad, a former GP who had experienced homelessness, and who shares his inspiring journey of transitioning into a property investor. Asad reflects on his past struggles and the importance of security for his family, which motivated him to venture into property investment. With the guidance and support of the Inner Circle mentoring program, Asad secured his first high cash flowing property in less than eight weeks. He discusses his strategy of starting with Rent2Rent service accommodation and his goal of acquiring multiple properties by the end of the year.



“I think for me it’s been security. I’ve always, maybe it’s because I went through homelessness that I’m thinking about security, but I’ve felt that I need to do something that allows me to not be in that position ever again.”

“I think the biggest thing was just relief because I’d invested so much money and time… I really felt relaxed. I just thought, do you know what? Hopefully it’ll make money even if it doesn’t for me.”

“From day one, I think it’s just been positivity. You know, when you’re surrounded by people, I think one thing that I took away from one of the sessions was you are the average of the five people around you.”


What’s happened over the last few years, you being a GP, for you, to them, have this sudden change of direction again, where you’ve decided to come into property.

I think for me, it’s been security of voice. Maybe it’s because I went through homelessness. But I felt that I need to do something that allows me to not be in that position ever again to make sure my family and my children don’t go through that. But also, it’s kind of inspired me to support other people make sure that if they are going through that, then they get the support they need to get out. I always think back to my situation. My mom has a saying that she says, Do not take refuge in regrets and worries. In
this episode of Liam J. Ryan the dealmaker podcast, I am here today with one of my inner circle graduates Assad, who has gone from being homeless, to property investor, and securing his first high cash flowing property in less than eight weeks. This is going to be an incredible incredible session. Assad. It’s great to have you with me today. So just before we get started, could you tell everybody whereabouts in the UK? That you’re from? Holland?

Yeah, I’m based in northwest London. Stanmore specifically. And yeah, just been the most of my life.
Okay, great. And what profession other than property Do you currently do?
So I’m a GP by profession. GP.

Okay, great. So we talked about being homeless? Could you take us back to where your journey started? And really what happened? To get you into a position where you said, I want to become a property investor?

Yeah, sure. So I’m, I was born in the UK, but I lived my first few lives, first few years my life in in Africa and Congo. And over there, you know, it’s not the safest country. So we actually lost our home during an uprising and a war over that. And then we moved over to the UK. So not quite refugees, but almost at that level. And just over the years, you know, we’ve we’ve kind of lived through the system. So I think in about 2006. We were evicted from our house. Just before I started university. So we we were placed in hotel accommodation, and in a hostel. And I started my university from rural hostel. Wow.
If you can go back to that time, if you don’t mind. What What impact did that have on you, as a young male in this country? Living with your mom now being evicted? What was actually going on for you at that time?

It’s funny, actually, now that reflect back, I don’t think I realized what how serious the situation was, I think, you know, my mum, MUM really looked after us protected from all the issues that we’re going through. So we kind of just went along with it. And, you know, my dad was in Africa is working there. So it was, it was a tough time, but I don’t think I realized how serious the situation was.
And during that time did that it was almost like fight or flight, right? Yeah. Did you go for a mental change? Did you make some type of promise or pledge to yourself that you were going to change your life? What were you say? What type of language did you tell yourself to then go and become a doctor?
So I think by that time, I’d already got placed in university to study medicine. So that security was already there. But I, I think over the years, I kind of just went with it, roll with it, see, see where it goes. I think it’s only after a few years of reflecting that I realized that, you know, this is my situation, this is where I am. But it really didn’t get me down. I think, in essence, I just felt like, I just need to succeed. Now I’m becoming a doctor. Whatever my situation is. I I’m like every other medical student right now, so I’ll get the I really love that attitude. Because you could have gone and done what lots of people do and get full of self pity. And poor me and hey, I was pretty much a refugee and hey, the system’s not fair. But you just said hey, that’s my situation. What an incredible situation to be in actually, you know, in medical school, doing your medical degrees and being on a trajectory to be a doctor. So everyone would think, Oh, my goodness, you’ve hit the jackpot. But as we know, the corporate world, going through university, becoming a top professional in your field, is not necessarily all what it’s cut out to be. So what’s happened over the last few years, you being a GP, for you to then have this sudden change of direction, again, where you’ve decided to come into property.

I think for me, it’s been security of voice, maybe it’s because I went through homeless system thinking about security, but I’ve felt that I need to do something that allows me to not be in that position ever again. And to make sure my family and my children don’t go through that. But also, it’s kind of inspired me to support other people make sure that if they are going through that, then they get the support they need to get out of that. And I always think back to my situation, you know, my mom has a saying that she says, Do not take refuge in regrets and worries. And that’s almost remind myself on a regular basis. And I remind my patients sometimes. And so I think that’s just inspired me to not want to be in that situation. And I’ve tried a few different things. I’m working as a GP, I’m in a partnership. I’ve tried, you know, forex trading, I’ve tried different ventures here and there. And each time I’ve just found that one, I don’t have the time to put into it, but also to I don’t have the right support the mentorship, growth I needed. And so property I wanted to do for about five, six years, because I just found that once you get property, and since I’ve bought my property, I’ve found that you know, the values gone up without me having to do anything, all I’ve done is pay my mortgage. And suddenly I’ve got a bit of extra money in that. Great. So yeah, it’s given me that insight into how secure it can be. It’s mad how this whole thing’s like a 360. You know, you you’re faced with homelessness. And now fast forward all these years later, you now know how important it is to have security to have property. And really that that peace of mind that no one can come and take it away from you. You’ve got your own house. You mentioned to me earlier, you got a wife, you got a two and a half year old daughter. Obviously being a GP, there’s a lot of pressure. So what were the other reasons why you decided to come into property?

Well, I think having gone through I’ve gone through, I’ve realized that having some sort of stability is needed. You know, when you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the main basic thing is shelter food. When you have that, then you don’t need to worry about it. As long as you’re worrying about it. You’re always just stressing whether you’re not thinking ahead. You can’t focus on other goals. So for me, it was what can I do to support people get a shelter over their head? Make sure there’s food on the table so that they can now focus on the next step in their life. So antastic that’s where property and that mission factors come in? Well, I love the fact you’re saying it’s a mission, right? Because when something is a mission, it’s like this is a non negotiable thing. Exactly. I love the fact you’ve used that word. So you found me somewhere probably on YouTube or Facebook. And then I was popping up, you probably still popping out right? You came to one of my probably preview events or webinars or in person events, you would have come to my advanced three day training the property millionaire boot camp, and then you would have got a place on my very exclusive high level mentoring program. And you’re one of my inner circle members. You joined us in November last year. So you’ve been with us literally just a few months. What is the strategy that you’ve decided to start with initially and why?

So I’ve started with rent to rent serviced accommodation, possibly going into HMO but I just want to understand how rent to rent works. The main reason is, although initially I was being convinced to you know, because of my time constraints go into sort of commercial conversions and you might not have enough time to succeed in this initially. I just found rent to rent was a bit easier. I’m just in a few networks and few WhatsApp groups and I just found opportunities coming left right and center. landlords were looking for people and I just thought that you know, maybe we can have a chat and greater ago
great and look at what you’ve done is the right thing. You focused on a strategy. You’ve done everything needed, you know, set your company up, you know, got into a position where you’re networking, like you said, you’re in a number of WhatsApp groups where landlords are, opportunities have come up. I know you’ve got close to a deal not so long ago. And then the deal was lost because the agent gave it to somebody else. But then a week later, you actually said Your first deal. Now, when you had the conversation with that landlord, and you explained that you had probably a relocation company, you know, you work with landlords and you give fixed rate, guaranteed rent, and you take the property for so many years, when the landlord agreed to do the deal with you what went through your mind at that point? How did it make you feel? What were you saying about yourself? What was that moment? Like? Because I know for a lot of people tuning in that first deal sometimes seems impossible. It’s not impossible. You’ve done it in less than eight weeks. So how did that make you feel in that moment?
I think the biggest thing was just relief, as I invested so much money time. And I think a lot of it was also you know, with family, there’s a lot of uncertainty, too. What are you doing? It’s the right choice.
You just invested 30,000 pounds into a mentor? Is this gonna work? So yeah, I spent a lot of effort just convincing people and explain that, let’s trust the process. Let’s see how it goes. And so to get that first deal, I really felt relaxed, I just thought that, you know, we hopefully will make money. Even if it doesn’t, for me, it’s an investment, I’m gonna learn, I’m going to train myself, and learn from those mistakes, if I make any, and then the next one will be begging. But speaking to the people, even today, with the men, the other mentors, it sounds like, you know, there’s, there’s lots of opportunities, so very obvious. So
what have we done for you over the last 60 days or so? That’s giving you the peace of mind to go and do that deal? What what support Have you had from me? And, you know, the great mentors that are in my inner circle team?

Yeah, I think from day one, I think it’s just been positivity. You know, when you’re surrounded by people, I think one thing that I took away from one of the sessions was, you are the average of the five people around you. So the more you hang around the type of people you want to be, it just rubs off on you. So I’ve just felt like this is going to happen. Regardless, whether I succeed now or not, I will succeed at some point. So that’s been huge. And then I think that the mentoring, you know, from day one, sitting down with some of the mentors, Phil, for example, just going through my timetable, I think that was the first step. And just finding where am I going to find the time to do what I need to do? That gave me structure. And then since then, there’s just been lots of confidence. I’ve attended almost maybe 80% of the online session, and Hannah and Robert Turner Rob, right. And it took me about four weeks to kind of try thinking about different strategies. And then when the opportunity came, I went for this brilliant, and with the right support, you just gave me confidence.

You’re a test. And obviously, we’re there to support and help you and guide you. And my team is incredible. And ultimately, you know, you have invested. But when you pay, you pay attention, and you’re certainly paying attention, and you’re turning up and my understanding from that first deal. Worst case scenario, you’re looking at around 7200 pounds a year profit. Yeah, but you’re hoping with the right client? We don’t want to overcook it. But you could be as high as maybe 10 or 12,000 pounds a year, from just that first deal. Is that correct? So hopefully pretty decent, right? I’m not doing that. Now. I know GPS get paid? Pretty much. Okay. I know they get paid less now than they used to. And there’s a lot of cuts in this type of stuff. And obviously, as a GP, but, you know, just one of these days, let’s just say it does you’re an extra 7000 pounds a year. Yeah. What sort of impacts is this going to have on you? You know, your two and a half year old? The relationship with your wife? What does this do for you in the family?
I think it just gives us the ability to just not stress as much. You know, as much as I’ve got a GP salary, I’m still always every penny, I’m counting. You know, you’ve got nursery fees. Sometimes when you’re earning a bigger salary, you don’t get the benefits that the country provides. And so I’m having to pay for everything. So yeah, this will be huge. I think it’ll just give me some stress relief. Hopefully give me a bit of time to enjoy a holiday as well, which I do. But yeah, I’d like to not stress about the money after going on holiday.

Even if only that one property pays for you and your family to have an all inclusive five star holiday somewhere in the world where you can enjoy and have fun, then that’s a fantastic start for sure. Where do you see yourself being by the end of this year? Have you got a target? How many properties would you like to have in the portfolio?

Yeah. I told my wife the other day, you know, in six months, I want to 10 She’s just What are you talking about? How’s that possible? By I really want at least four to five properties, right? This one’s rent to run. There’s a landlord that is potentially showing me another that could turn into HMO. So Yeah, I think the next few months, maybe another property, great. And then if I can get five, by the end of the year, I’d be thrilled you got you got to remember, obviously, the more the merrier. But it’s gonna give you some top tips now and do like a mini micro mentoring session on your podcast that that’s okay. So some really important things. Don’t grow too fast. Make sure that every deal you bring in is profitable, have monthly managed accounts done on every single deal. So you have your p&l, make sure that you are building great relationships with even more landlords, dot the i’s, cross the T’s make sure you check everything out. Certainly we’ve seen it before where some people get that five or six deal, they don’t check it with us, and it was a bad deal. So make sure even later this year, you check it all with us. And just make sure that you stick with us for hopefully many, many, many, many years. And just keep everything sets, two cents checked, manage your diary correctly. And of course, happy wife happy life, I know you’re going to be putting in time to spend with the wife and your two and a half year old and enjoy the process. Enjoy the process. And you know, don’t be afraid to just reach out and ask for help. This is what we’re going to do. Let’s come back and do another podcast at the end of the year. if not before, we’re going to be tracking your journey. And then we will explain to the audience not how you just got your first deal. But we’ll explain how you went from zero to five or six deals, generating what could be 10s and 10s of 1000s of pounds per year for people tuning into this. What words of wisdom or any top tips you’d like to share?
I mentioned earlier, I think just one thing that my mom said, you know, do not live your life and regrets and worries. I think you make a decision, think it through, get the right support, get the right help. Make sure it stacks up. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it’s a learning curve. And just fight for your next one. Keep pushing for keep pushing. I love that. And if there’s anyone tuning in now that is looking to work closely with me and my team. Would you recommend my mentoring program? And if so why would you recommend it?

Yeah, for sure. I think, especially if you have no idea about what you’re doing with property. But even if you do, I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned is I’m surrounded by people that have been successful with property. So the only way you’re really going to succeed is by constantly engaging with them. I think this mentoring opportunity just allows direct contact to be able to send a message when you need to get the support. I think that’s phenomenal. Fantastic. So yeah, I’d definitely recommend it.

Well, you know, I’m really proud. It’s great to have you here today. A big big world though. I’m looking forward to doing many of these with you. So there we have Assad in the house on the podcast. What an incredible, incredible story. You know, getting vulnerable, talking about his homelessness, talking about his struggles within being a GP and in the in the system of the NHS and just fighting through doing whatever he takes. So if we can do it, you can do it too. Thanks for tuning in. And I look forward to seeing you on the next episode.

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