Liam is joined by Daniel Steel, a graduate of Liam’s incredible system, who shares his remarkable journey from zero to owning 13 high cash-flowing properties in just two years. Daniel discusses the challenges he faced before entering the world of professional property investment, highlighting the lack of time due to his previous emergency services job. He emphasises the life-changing impact of his property journey on his relationships and personal life and credits his success to the support and mentorship provided by the program, which enabled him to focus on the rent-to-rent strategy for serviced accommodation.



“I’d give you two words, life-changing, to be fair. Absolutely life-changing, yeah.”

“For me it was finding the time to be able to dedicate that time into a new property journey. So I’d say certainly for myself, it’s a time.”

“Daniel’s done the work. How about to give them a kick every now and then? Of course. Do we give them a cuddle? Of course we do.”


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Welcome to another episode of Liam Jay Ryan the dealmaker podcast. And today I am here with one of my amazing graduates, Mr. Daniel, still, we are celebrating our two year anniversary. And we are going to take you behind the scenes and Daniel is going to explain how in just two years, he has gone from zero to 13, high cash flowing properties, we are going to take you behind the scenes and share some amazing content. Daniel, welcome into the studio. Leo, great to have you here. Two years, my man Yes, for sure. It’s gone quick. You know, as you know, it’s been and you’ve got something incredible fast results. If you could just sum up in one word, how you feel right now, knowing that you’ve gone from zero to 13 properties, what would that word look like? I’ll give you two words a lot of change and to be fair lifetimes really life changing.

Yeah. Excellent. Well, let’s take our listeners back. Yeah, let’s go back two years ago, what were your biggest challenges that you were facing, before making a decision to become a professional property investor. So if I was to reverse back two years, kind of making that decision to invest in myself invest into my education, for me, it was finding the time to be able to dedicate that time into a new property journey. So I’d say my, you know, certainly for myself, it’s a time is that is that because your business was taking up all of your time? Yeah, so I was previous to my property journey, I was kind of in a bit of an emergency services. So constantly being at work, you know, obviously, being called out for emergency works at all times. So just having that time to dedicate to the property journey, so not having enough time, yes, for sure. What impact was that having on you as a person, the relationships with your partner, your daughter, how was not having time having an impact on you. So that’s the biggest thing for me, what I’ve kind of learned over the journey is having that time back, you know, how it’s impacting me, it was impacting relationships, and my daughter, my family, not being able to go out and join myself with family and friends and loved ones, you know, I was still at a very young age. So being able to just go out and celebrate these kind of just life journeys, just wasn’t doing it.

Great. So what motivated you to say, right, I’m doing this, for sure, the motivation, to be honest with you was was to change my kind of lifestyle. I just wanted that time back with my daughter, obviously, you know, as I grow, I plan to grow the family as well. So I’ve just been able to have that time, I don’t want to be one of these dads that are constantly at work, you know, just providing for the family and not being around, not just with my sister, not just with my children, but also my siblings and friends and family as well. So great, great. So you initially came to I think one of my preview events, you would have seen me on stage do my thing. And I believe you said, hey, you know, you really inspired me, Liam, you really motivated me to want to change my life. And, you know, it’s the same position I was in eight years ago, I was you know, bummed out, I’d lost my business living on interest, only credit cards. And, you know, like you, Daniel, I invested in high level mentorship and training. And here we are, both today, you know, living both an incredible life. So you invested into my advanced training the property millionaire boot camp, you became one of my top inner circle members. And, you know, through that process, what would you say has been the level of support that we’ve been able to give you as a business, the support from the business, just from yourselves has been absolutely phenomenal. I think without that support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

You know, even without half of that support, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today, just having that commitment from yourself. So me, was really just driven me the right the way through having the mentors in the background just driving me, you know, on a weekly basis, I would say for sure. So give me all the tips and tricks, and just kind of pushing me to that next level constantly. I think without that support, I would have dived off a long time ago. And one of the things we talk about a lot is getting focused and being clear on strategy. So when you came to the advanced training, and before you joined my inner circle, you made a decision that you were going to focus in on rent to rents Yes, serviced accommodation. So for those people tuning in now, what is rent to rent, and what is serviced accommodation? And why did you decide to do that strategy? For sure. So rent to rent is where you take a property from a property owner or landlord. You basically rent that property out with the right contracts in place, and then you’re allowed to re rent that out sublet that out on, you know, platforms like Airbnb, your own website and other platforms that there are out there that allows you to, you know, rent it for a Pacific price and re rent it out on a nightly rate for whatever instance. And you know, make your profit like that. So you don’t you haven’t got to buy the property, you haven’t got a buyer to find hundreds of 1000s of pounds for deposits, correct? Yeah. And you haven’t got to go through some long drawn out legal process in the UK, or major credit checks to go and get these deals over the last Correct. Wow. Okay. So it really is a minimum cash in maximum strategy out? Yeah. Okay. So you rent a property, you rent it out. And then there’s this thing called serviced accommodation, well, what serviced accommodation. So serviced, accommodation is pretty much a platform where you’re able to supply a property that service so you know, provide all the linen, all of the products inside. And also a cleaning service for that, for that property of being able to again, sublet it out on platforms like Airbnb,, I have my own website.

So that’s a big platform for myself. And just basically providing that service for contractors, working professionals, and other people that may be staying in your area for whatever reason, okay, so you don’t actually have tenants in these properties. You have people that come and stay on a night by night contract, so very much like a hotel, but it’s home away from home home away from right, and how would you say the demand is looking right now for people wanting to get into this strategy? Where would you say the demand level is? So the demand obviously, we’ve just coming out the back end of Christmas, my particular area very heavily focused on contractors, working professionals. So just over the Christmas period was a little bit quiet. But certainly coming back into January, I’d say the demand for myself hitting around 80% At the moment was great, good sort of percentage rate. Great. So 80% occupancy, and typically one of these units, what will be the monthly net profit on one of your units in your 13? Property? Portfolio? Yeah, of course. So on an average, I’m averaging anywhere from around 800 to 1000 pound per unit per month, that’s after all your costs, after all costs. So you pay the rent, you pay the bills, you’re paying the cleaners, that’s it, and you are netting 800 to 1000 pounds per month per property correct. And you haven’t got to go and buy any of these things. No. Wow, would you say that this is a great strategy for people that are starting out in property to start with, for sure. I mean, you know, going back two years ago, I didn’t have the money to invest into property, which was one of the big reasons why I didn’t go into property. So just didn’t have the knowledge. And for me, it was all about having the understanding that I needed 50 to 100,000 pound to be able to purchase a property. And that was kind of my route into property at the time. But having the knowledge going through the training, and so on, and so on, just really gives me that understanding that you know, you you don’t need big funds, you can go in with a little If not no funds using other people’s money, and just putting a little down and again, using that strategy taking taking a lot out. Sure.

So look, when you started this journey with me, what skeptical thought process did you have? Because you, you certainly would have had some for sure. So what how was you skeptical? And then how would you over to overcome those challenges. Because because I feel many people coming into property, they have the negative mindsets, they don’t believe they can do it. Society tells them that you’ve got to go and be a multimillionaire to be a property investor. What were some of those negative thought processes that you had, when starting this journey with me? I think for myself, if I was to take myself back to the the first ever video, I watched of yourself, Liam again, you know, very skeptical. You know, you see a lot of videos on YouTube, on Facebook or wherever it may be and you know, you see flash cards, you see flash houses and stuff. And people always sell the dream, but certainly come into the boot camp and going through the process and seeing the type of people around me, I had that skepticism, no doubt. But you know, being around yourself for such a real person. And being around some of the mentors and some of the
some of the mentees you had at the time just seeing how people how real people were and just just really just being in that crowd of people. Understanding these are real people. These are people just like me, if they can achieve it and so can I just, I mean, that’s really beautiful for me.

Yeah, that’s really beautiful, because you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. And if you think you can, if you think you can’t, you’re probably right. Yeah, I love that quote, right. And most people out there, they react negatively rather than positively. And this is why I think it’s so important if people are listening to this now and they want more out of life, probably hanging around their current friends and family members may not give them the inspiration and motivation to make some sort of change.

Sure, you know, of course, I’m not saying don’t have friends and family members, you can still love them. But who are you taking advice from? And I think that was a big turning point for you, you just started to take advice from me. And not just me, but my senior team as well. And all of the great mentors in the program, how long was it from joining my program, to getting that first deal? offer accepted? So from joining the program to my first deal, I believe it was just under three months. Wow. Quick, very quick. Yes, very quick. Yeah, you know, having that sort of first set of keys handed to myself, was was such an achievement, right? You know, I’ve come from obviously, utility background, wanting to get into property, to then attending, you know, some training course to three months later being handed a set of keys, and kind of knowing the outcome, you know, had the belief, you know, being around the mentors and mentees, I kind of knew what what could be achieved from from having that property. So when I picked up those keys, it was such a, it’s such a game changing moment. So if you could take yourself back to the moment where you picked up the keys, you open the door to your first ever property investments. And you know that this is gonna make you 12,000 pounds there will there abouts in your first year and you describe to us the emotions and the feelings that were going on for you.

To be honest with you at the time, it was something I wanted to share, because you know, such a big achievement for myself. But I kind of kept it a bit quiet. It was it was one of those moments where I just wanted to have that moment by myself, I knew it was a new journey. I knew what I could achieve because of the drive that I have with inside me. You know, I’ve obviously been involved in a couple of different businesses, some have been successful, some haven’t. But just having that drive and knowing that I’ve got the right strategy to the market, I’m surrounded by the right people that are going to drive me to my outcome. And it was just a moment that I just wanted to share with myself and no one else. And, you know, walking into that apartment was just it was just amazing. It was kind of unbelievable to take myself back. Yeah, I can kind of picture that moment. Well, the bottom line is is you invested in yourself. You showed up? You did the bloody work. I remember very quickly, you got your little smart car. Yeah. And you branded it. What is the name of your business, by the way, so it’s relocate home for home rental. So relocate home for home rentals. That’s absolutely your sermon. And from the 13 deals that you’ve now got, where are these deals come from? So 13 So I’ve actually got 11 rent to rent deals. Okay, great. Got one lease to purchase option, one commercial rent to rent as well. So majority of my rent to rent, just residential deals. I’ve took him from a mixture of landlords and a mixture of agents and also management companies. So I would say 20%, Director, landlord, 30%. Management and then the rest of agents. Perfect.

Then obviously, I’ve got the lease purchase. And then commercial convert. Sorry, then commercial, right? Yeah, I think it’s important not just just focus on one area, of course, you may do that initially, and really go and hammer the letting agents but then it’s like going fishing, you want to have more lines in the water. Because you just never know where the next deals coming from. It could be a social media post. It might be a landlord, it could be an agent, but the reality is my understanding you tell me then your experience, you don’t need to be working with that many agents, or that many landlords, because, you know, a lot of people they know other people and they start to make referrals to you is that writing is correct? Yeah. Okay, great. So, like I was saying, I’m, you know, I’m at 13 deals, but if I was to divide that down to the type to how many landlords or agents who probably over five or six agents, okay, great, um, and landlords out of the two, yeah. So yeah, you don’t need to go and find 13 landlords or 14 agents to hit those 14 deals, and so on and so on. It just keep piling and people tuning into this. Now, if you could share some top tips of how they should work with an agent, what are some of the things that they need to do and avoid? So some of the top tips that I’ve learned from, you know, being around assets for life, the mentors and the mentees?

I would say is first off, don’t, don’t always expect to go into an agency and you know, pick up the keys to your first deal. If you’ve seen it online, build that relationship from day one. You know, don’t always go in there expecting something from them, build that relationship, nurture it, be consistent, you know, obviously, don’t go hounding them down every day, but for sure, just be consistent. You know, slower, slower, but repetitive. And just build those relationships up, show that you’re a professional business, you know, make sure you’ve got everything set up in the background, which is quite straightforward. Obviously, following your 10 step process. Liam going back to, you know, kind of the first three months was a very easy step by step process. And, you know, once you’ve got that in place, build the relationships up with the agents and you know, just show show that you’re about.

Got the business? Right. Great. Yeah. So I always say as well aim for 50. Nose? Yes. Because you need to get used to having rejection. Yeah, you know, not every agent is going to want to deal with you. And you’ve got to work on yourself, right? You got to work on your belief. And if we look at where you are now, two years into your journey, and where you were, when you started on my program two years ago, you are literally or you were literally a shadow of the man that you are today. Would that be a fair assumption? That’s, that’s correct. So how do you feel you’ve grown professionally? And personally, since joining the program over the last two years? And what are some of the things that you’ve done with me in the team to help you evolve into the entrepreneur that you are today? Yeah, so like I said, I’ve always been kind of business minded, but I think some of the disbeliefs and some of the stuff that’s held me back, a lot of it was confidence if I was to go back two years ago, confidence knowledge. So having those it was a very key part in you know, my success today.

But yeah, going back to years ago, was a very, like you say, a shadow of a man I am today, I was very unconfident, I needed that confidence to be able to go in and build those relationships, which is what I didn’t have at the start. And obviously, working with yourself working with some of the other mentors, I’ve just been able to, you know, block out some of those disbeliefs work on my confidence, and just being able to come overcome those barriers. Now, obviously, of course, it’s got me to where I am. And my understanding is, you’ve also raised money from people within the assets for life, community and Academy. So you found money there, you found business partnerships, say you found deals there. And also we’ve hung out in different places around the world as well. So what some of the traveling that we’ve done together. Yeah, so like you say, being able to build relationships with people inside the academy, you know, we’ve all got obviously got our own relationships with people at home, friends, family, loved ones, whatever it may be, but you know, surrounding yourself with like minded people is just for me, it was such a humbling experience. You know, you kind of look at people, certainly when I was driving around in my utility days, you know, seeing these business, people in coffee shops and thinking car wish I could be, you know, surrounded by these guys. And now I am right, and, you know, just being able to fit into that community that that community just kind of plugged myself into, it’s just been a humbling. And we’ve traveled together, we have Thailand to Thailand, credible experience, you came on Dream Team retreat with me and adenoidal, you’ve been out to the morbier retreats at level one. You’re back on level two, next year, how were those retreats for you? And how important were those retreats in helping you get the result where you are today? Yeah, for sure. So I’d say the journey really started the confidence journey really started when we went to Thailand, you know, going out there with yourself with Adam, start on Jim Francis. And obviously, you know, the community was, again, such a humbling experience. And if I was to kind of reverse just before that, so much changed in myself, when we were out in Thailand, you know, again, just removing those beliefs. Working with yourself, Jim and Adam, was just a game changing moment. To be fair, I think that was really the turning point for myself, you know, growing up in the retreat, being around like minded people.

Being surrounded in such an environment, just I was able to do a lot of work on myself, you know, being off off patch, off grid or away from the business away from friends and family, even though you didn’t really like swimming, right, and then we’re on this boat, we’re in the sea, the waves are crazy, like people on the boat are being sick people have thrown up everywhere. And then we find this little cave, and then you are jumping off the boat. And now you don’t have that fear anymore. And that was that whole trip was about breaking fears, breaking old beliefs, giving that new confidence to you. So based on the journey with us, would you recommend my advanced training and mentorship to other people? And if so, why? 100% You know, certainly if people are looking to get into property, whether you’re just looking to get into property in general, whether you’re looking to you know, make a difference, make more income from from a different strategy.

Just get him just get educated, you know, get educated in the property. In the property environment. There’s not just rent to rent, there’s obviously HMOs there’s commercial conversions, there’s loads of other different strategies that we can talk about. And for sure, just get involved, get educated, get surrounded by people like yourself, and you’ll never look back, you know, give it 100%. And you’ve certainly never looked back. Perfect. And we’d love to having you part of the whole team. Yeah. And we’ve got many, many more years ahead. How do you now see your journey for the next two years? What is your plan of attack? Are you going to continue to scale or you’re going to start moving
Going into different property strategies? What are some of the things you’re going to do with your life? Do you want to travel more? How do you see your life now? For the next two years? Yeah, so for sure, obviously, you know, the business, I’m certainly looking to scale certainly looking to scale in the rental rent industry, as well as attack a few different other strategies that we’ve we’ve kind of been looking at anyway. Like, you say, I’ve got the lease to purchase option. So there’s, there’s other options there, certainly look into scaling the rent to rent, looking to kind of double double that double the amount of units in year two. So you know, kind of hit for in units in the first two years looking to double that in the next year. And certainly looking to travel a lot more. Obviously, as you know, I’ve done a lot of traveling this year, I think I’ve been away for a third of the this year. So just having that time back for me, as well as the finance, it’s the time and just going to keep keep enjoying the journey. Certainly, I think that’s really important. You know, enjoy the journey. Yeah, for sure grow, make sure that you stay lean and profitable, it’s not about getting bigger, it’s about becoming more profitable. This is absolutely instrumental. And from your experiences, just to start summing up now, what would you say has been some of the key lessons that you have learned that resonate with you that you’d like to share with our amazing audience? Some of the key lessons, I would say, certainly, for me, education was a big one, you know, obviously, we went to school with, it was something I never continued. And just understanding that we need to keep educating ourselves. I would say get educated in a field that you want to push pursuing. For me it was property, and you know, just being surrounded by that community.

Yeah, for me, would just be get educated. Nice. And if you could just summarize your journey with me and my senior team and all the mentors, how would you summarize the journey with us so far,
it’s been life changing, game changing. Very inspirational. You know, if I were to look back to where I was, to where I am, now, again, I’d say, I couldn’t see myself sitting here, you know, not just just sitting physically here, but having the achievements that I’ve achieved, having the time back that I have. So for me, it’s it’s just been life changing, I would say, financially, time time available to myself and my family now and I’ve never looked back.

Just, you know, you are a real inspiration. And you’ve shared a lot of great value there and some real golden nuggets with our audience for sure. And and I’m really looking to see you grow over the next one or two years. I’m sure we’ll get you back on the show at some point. I mean, we’ve got some great trips planned this year. And it’s just nice to see that look, if we can do it. Other people can do this. You got to get committed, of course, you need to invest in yourself, get a right around the right people. But this strategy, would you say is blowing up right now? Blowing up? 100%? Yeah, you know, there’s more and more people coming into it, because the demand is there. And certainly if you analyse the right areas, understand your your target, your target audience, for sure. There’s no reason why anyone can’t get into into rent to rent. Perfect. Well, look, Well, Dan, Dan, you’ve got 13 properties that making your 800 to 1000 pound net profit per property.

Of course, there’s some ups and downs always right. Of course, there’s ups and downs, but you have a fantastic business. You have a brilliant foundation to go forward. And massive congratulations. Absolute pleasure. Look, there we have it. Absolutely incredible. Mr. Daniel still started with nothing, had no confidence had no focus had no belief. I took him under my wing. And we have literally guided him to where he is today. Look, Daniel’s done the work. I like to give him a kick every now and then of course, the we give him a cuddle Of course we do. That’s what it is like when you get to work with me and my expert team. So absolutely incredible. Thanks for tuning in. If I can do it, you can do it too. And please make sure that you check out all of my resources, and stay tuned for more and more episodes. You’re listening to the deal maker podcast hosted by multimillionaire property investor, entrepreneur, and Guinness World Record holder Liam Ryan, discover how to start scale and grow your business become a better negotiator create more opportunity and to make massive profit so you can live the life of your dreams.


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