In this blog post, our co-founder Jay is joined by Jack to let us know their top tips for considering Health and Safety on the construction site.

Do you know what an F10 form is? Do you know the differences between a private and commercial build? Are you just starting out in property construction? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this blog post is for you!

Do health and safety regulations apply to a self-built project?

Self-build is no different from any other commercial build – domestic and commercial falls under the same banner as it’s still under the Construction Design Management (CDM) ranks.

Key health and safety responsibilities

Under the CDM registration there are responsibilities for key duty holders such as the clients, principal contractor, and principal designer. Each of these individuals are assigned statutory duties that they must follow throughout a construction process. The client must always have the overall responsibility as they appoint competent people to undertake those projects.

F10 application form

An f10 application is an online form that notifies the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of a construction project. To fill this out you need to be aware of the client’s contact details, principal designer and principal contractor. According to Designing Buildings 2021, it will take HSE 10 days to process notifications.

Once you fill out and submit the form, you should ensure that it’s printed and put in the site’s notebook.

When filling out an f10 application form, you need to ensure that all information is correct as it is criminal law. If someone was to get hurt on the construction site and this form is not filled in correctly then the client and all the key duty holders could be held liable.

Create a critical plan

A critical plan is planning, managing, and monitoring the pre-construction phase and the construction phase of that project. The traceable designer manages the pre-construction phase of the project such as your construction phase plan, traffic management plan, fire risk assessment and safety.

The consequences of bad health and safety

If a major project is being built and somebody gets hurt, the worse case scenario would be standing in the court of law trying to justify your situation.

Make sure you have insurance

You must have insurances in place otherwise you will risk an issue being raised.

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