Public speaking is one of the most feared tasks to do, and yet if we can overcome it, it can transform our lives in the best way. Learning to speak well will positively impact your relationships with everyone and help you position yourself well to potential business partners. The more we get better at public speaking, the more successful we become in all aspects of life.

So, if you want to learn how to improve your public speaking skills, keep reading this blog post!

Speaking is the highest paid job in the world, but people don’t like the thought of becoming a public speaker. 7 years ago, the thought of becoming a public speaker, networking, and getting myself on stage literally petrified me. However, today, people say that I am a number one speaker, not just in the UK, but worldwide. I have really mastered the skill of public speaking and invested tens of thousands of pounds in public speaking – as a result I now co-own the UK’s premier property and business wealth training company. Here is how you can overcome your fear of public speaking:

Get yourself into state

You can do this by acquiring five minutes on your own – visualise your audience and the result. Rookie speakers make the talk about themselves, whereas professional speakers make the talk about their audience. Make sure you have five minutes to yourself, close your eyes, go through your presentation, and think about how you can have the biggest impact in that situation so your audience can get the best results.

Get professionally trained by other expert world class speakers

I have travelled the world and hung out with some of the best speakers in the world, mastering what they do. Here at Assets For Life, I now operate an Expert Speaker Bootcamp with one of my amazing business partners. This bootcamp is a 3-day transformational speaker event to take you from rookie to expert speaker, so you can get out there and influence people in the right way.

Use Facebook lives

Use Facebook lives to practice speaking. I encourage you to do a 30-day Facebook live challenge and you will be amazed what will happen to you and your business by doing this! People love Facebook lives, and you will be able to practice in a live setting every single day. You can start by doing a one minute live in the beginning then increase the time spent on it. As a result of putting yourself out there on Facebook, you’ll generate more leads, sales, and build a following.

Book a slot at a networking event

There are networking events right now where you can stand up and start with a 30-minute content slot, then progress down the line. This will enable you to get use to speaking in live events on stages with small-medium sized audiences. When you’re on the stage talking about something you’re passionate about, time goes fast!

Practice daily

Practice with your wife, children, partner, or work colleagues. When I was practicing this, I used to get my wife to give me honest feedback. When you take on board these five steps, you will go from rookie to expert speaker in a relatively short space of time. You will find a new confidence and a new passion!

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