Interview with AFL Member Shaun Bartle

In this episode I will be talking to Shaun, one of my mentees who is on the path to massive success. In this interview, I will be sharing how he raised over £100k of other people’s money to create the life of his dreams.


Question: What do you do and why did you want to become a property investor?


Answer: I’m an accountant by trade which comes in very handy, I have a young family and I was looking at how I can create generational wealth because in my opinion having a job isn’t enough. I spent time investing in crypto and stocks and shares, but for me property investment was key.


Question: How did you come across me and AFL?


Answer: Being an accountant I had to do my background checks, so I searched to see who was out there then I saw Assets For Life, signed up for a webinar and felt a genuine connection.


Question: Do you find the training and mentoring you had with me has given you what you need?


Answer: Absolutely, and more. It has given me exactly what I need to be honest. I knew it would help me to get where I wanted to go, but the timing has been phenomenal. It took me 10 months to get to where I got and if it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have been able to get there.  


Question: You’ve just completed on two more deals which will take you to four deals, what strategy do you run and why do you run that strategy?


Answer: The main thing is asset acquisition and with that focus, depending on where the property is we can convert it to serviced accommodation or buy-to-let. From doing background search, serviced accommodation wont work for me as the risk and reward profile was not there.


Question: Why is owning the asset important to you and your future?


Answer: I wanted to create generational wealth and in order to do that you need assets. By owning a property over the long term I’m going to benefit from the capital appreciation as well as the cash flow coming in.


Question: Could you share a couple of golden nuggets of how to make, manage and multiple money?


Answer: Stay in your lane at the start, focus on investing, look at different asset classes and compare it to your risk profile.


Question: How do you raise and use other people’s money?


Answer: When you first come across it many people think it’s too good to be true, but once you realise that there are a lot of people that have a lot of money but not the knowledge or time, you become the middleman between them. They have the capital but not the time, whereas I have the time and the knowledge, so let’s build a partnership and get your money working for you.


Question: You’ve raised £130,000, what were some of your blocks and challenges going into that and how did you overcome that?


Answer: Initially in the first few months of joining the AFL inner circle, I was reaching out to people but there was always something in the back of my head making me feel hesitant about going for it. However, working with you very closely it was about getting uncomfortable to achieve certain results. I put myself out there, got in front of the camera, jumped onto one of your webinar’s and did a 10–15-minute pitch which landed me my JV funding partners.


Question: What impact has this now had on your property journey, family, and kids?


Answer: It has had a massive impact, I had that hunger to keep going, started building a legacy for my family and it has allowed me to help others.


Question: What’s your preferred way of working with a private funder?


Answer: It really depends on them. What there wants and needs are, what their pains are and how can I help.


Question: I’m really excited about your growth, and I know these 12 months will be a game changer for you. Would you say that anyone tuning into this can build a property portfolio using none of their own money?


Answer: Yes, absolutely.


Question: Where can people find you?


Answer: Instagram (personal): @shaunbartle91, Instagram (business): @bluewolfassets


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