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property investment for beginners - raising £200k from one investor

No doubt, property investment for beginners can be quite daunting. The process involves a lot of learning and mistakes are inevitable. But when done correctly, there is also lot to be gained. In my recent podcast, I was joined by my mentee and great friend, Shaun Bartle, for a deep dive into top tips and strategies that will you raise £200k+ from just one investor. Here’s all you need to know…

Property investment tips for beginners 

Network like you mean it 

One common tip when it comes to property investment for beginners, is networking. Yes, property networking events are the go-to for meeting and connecting with potential investors. But what most people fail to realise is that networking goes beyond cups of tea or coffee and collecting business cards that just end up in the top drawer. You need to be intentional and set clear targets. For example; decide that you’re going to connect with five new people minimum at each networking event and book in a meeting with at least two. Over let’s say two months, that becomes 16 meetings, and you have the chance to sit in front of 16 people. You’re going to find money.

Put yourself out there 

In today’s digital world, using online platforms can be a great way to share, connect and engage with others. Social media in particular, is a great way to meet and connect with high value property investors. You’ll need to put yourself out and share with your followers what you do, what value you add etc so that so that you are their first point of contact whenever followers are looking to invest. Engaging with followers, joining relevant online communities and delivering valuable content will maximise your success as a property investment professional.

Be resilient 

Resilience is a key skill in business and one that you’ll definitely need when looking for high value property investors. For example, if you are getting in touch with all your phone contacts in search for potential property investors (this simple tactic has worked wonders for me in the past and has enabled me to raise cash quickly), you’re bound to come across some rejections. The trick is to keep going and remain consistent, even when you face knock-backs. 

I hope my property investment tips for beginners have provided you with some great new ideas to help you get £200k from just one investor. To find out how myself and my team at Assets For Life can support you in finding and connecting with high-value property investors, get in touch here

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