Liam discusses the topic of money and how to effectively use and raise it. He shares his expertise and experience in raising funds for property development deals, emphasising the importance of taking calculated risks and thinking big to achieve financial abundance.



“You want a life of abundance. You want to have a great pension. You want to provide for your children. You want to travel the world. Well, then you’ve got to start thinking bigger than what you’re thinking now, which means you have to take more risk, but it’s calculated risk.”

“Leveraging the bank’s money is one of the smartest things that we can do in this room, yeah, because you can leverage money very cheaply.”

“Good debt is when you invest in something. Invest it into an asset, invest it into yourself, invest it into your business.”

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”


Welcome everyone, to our fantastic pool, masterminding. Something which has been coming up a lot this week is, you know, money. How do we use money? How do we raised money? It’s a subject that I love to talk about. I’m very good at it. I’ve done it for a long time. Now I’m known in the industry as the money man, I can raise money, like, relatively quickly, you know, when I’m raising money for a 9 million pound development deal out in Maidenhead, which has been going on it’s 26 units and we’ve got, you know, 600 grand from private investors. Yeah, there’s an element of risk. But you got to roll with the punches, you just got to go in for it in for a penny in for a pound. And look, you can’t have the big rewards like raise your hand if you want big rewards, by the way? Yeah, yeah, you want to go big, you want more, you want a life of abundance, you want to have a great pension, you want to provide for your children, you want to travel the world. But then you got to start thinking bigger than what you’re thinking now. Which means you have to take more risk.

Think it is a lack of confidence. Because the money I’ve already taken from the bank, I’m not doing a good job at it. And I’m sort of struggling to sort of pay back. So confidence definitely can’t imagine taking more money of somebody.

Let me ask you this, are you going to put them into a good deal? Oh, that’s great. You might not have been very good with your money, or maybe you have been, but it’s just going to take a bit a bit longer. But of course, when you work that and it’s a great point, you know, it’s that confidence, you know, I’ve not been very good with money. So how am I going to be good with someone else’s money. And that’s why it’s important when you do get a deal. And let’s say you then raise five or 6000 pounds, go and get that deal checked over with Russell, Rebecca as your mentors, so make sure that it’s a good deal. You haven’t made it like even today, right? Even today, I’ve done 28 million pounds worth of property deals in the last seven years. Every single deal we look to do. I check it, Jay checks it, the team checks it, and then we also get our mentors to check it. And people will say why do you keep getting your? Well, because they’re our mentors, and they’re above us. And there may have just been something we’ve slightly missed, or something we need clarification on. So I’m always getting things passed by mentors before I make any sort of major decision. So when you find that the I think the issue is you’ve not got a deal right now. But but when you get that deal alley, and you stack the numbers up, and you you’ve done all the research, and then Ross and Rebecca, check it over. And that and that deal is going to make say, you know, 12,000 pounds per year, then do you think you then have confidence to get an investor to go into it?
Yeah, I mean, if I have a couple of couple of couple of apartments, one will be solved.

Yeah, I mean, if I have a couple of couple of couple of apartments, one will be solved.

This is what I love about using other people’s money soon as you do it once. It’s a real buzz. You’re helping someone else, it’s better than them having money sitting in the bank, and you’re helping that person. And it’s a really, really great way in which you can then scale, like a really, really good way in which you can and then right.

Now I’m using bank’s money. So that’s also somebody else.

That’s also somebody else’s and that’s great. You know, I love using the bank’s money for stuff, never be afraid to do that. As long as it’s not for you know, Louis Vuitton handbags and, you know, special weekends away and keeping up with the Joneses. But leveraging the bank’s money is one of the smartest thing that we can do in this room. Yeah. Because you can leverage money very cheaply. You can like like, probably most of us in this room probably could get your phone out. Now, you could go on to Barclays or whoever you bank with, you could say Oh, and there’ll be throwing money at you right now, a few buttons, and you could go get a 30,000 pound loan, for example, over five years or seven years, at a few 100 quid a month at very low interest. You can get that into an investment into a faster moving vehicle. That’s going to then give you an ROI then the reason we borrow cheap money is because we get 100% benefit of the asset right now, but then we pay it back over a long period of time. And that’s what we call good debt. You know by Add that is you know, leveraging you know, we had someone just a few years ago, you know, they were 65,000 pounds in bad debt when they met us and they leverage more money right so they was already in debt on credit cards girl called SARAH Yeah, already in debt on credit card 65,000 pounds just to survive keep up with the Joneses lifestyle wasn’t good when money started a relocation business. Then she went and borrowed another 30,000 pounds for top level mentoring from the bank. But that was good debt. Not bad that she was like, Oh, my goodness, I’m now 9065 95,000 pounds, I said that there’s a difference. So you’ve got 30,000 good debt, and 65,000 bad debt. Now that you’ve invested in yourself, we’ve got to build a cash flowing rent to rent business to get you out of this bad debt. And she was able to do that she was able to do it over you know, 1215 month period.

So good death is when will you invest in something, invest it.

into an asset, invest into yourself, invest it into your business? You know, we’ll do it right. We’ll do it on. But there’s a difference. Like my mum wouldn’t do this. Because my mom’s and my dad’s always said, Well, that’s not with us anymore. But he died at 53. But bless him, but he you know, like, don’t spend what you haven’t got. Has anyone heard that?

Yeah. All the time. With a Chris.

Yeah, don’t spend what you haven’t got. So my dad was always like that. If you ever got it, son don’t spend it. Yeah. And he spoke a bit like that as well. Yeah. He’s like a big, big tough army guy, right. I was always quite scared of my dad. Yeah. He’s always checking my nails and my polish shoes and my SS MIT’s. But he was an awesome guy. And the same, right? But the thing is, you know, look at Alan Sugar. Look at Warren Buffett, look at all the successful people. We leverage cheap money. So if we’re doing deals, and I’ve got to go and leverage some cheap money to go and put some deposit down on some property, as long as it’s, here’s the thing with money, right? It’s not what something costs is what something is worth. And people get hung up on the cost of borrowing. Oh, my goodness, what you’re charging me 8% or 6%, or 4%? Or 12%. I don’t care what it is. I’ll borrow money from you at 30%. If I have to. Was it worth? If I bought it at 30%. And I put it into this thing? What’s it going to return me over a 1345 year period? And that’s really what you need to be focusing on. So yeah, that’s good debt. Bad that is, oh, I’m gonna use my credit card to go shopping this weekend. Because I want to feel good. Yeah. Give it up. Rally everyone. Yeah. Awesome. Yes, go for it pass the mic.

Asking people for money. They might you know, you, you’ll tell them what it’s for. You’re really excited about it, and they’re going to invest in you.

Yeah. And what’s just happened? In the real life now, am I interested?

Like, well, what then and then that causes doubt that caused you to doubt yourself or think that you haven’t got a good deal that you know, what if it was a good deal? Why wouldn’t they go for it?
I always I always say this right? It’s just practice. And actually embracing rejection as entrepreneurs has been it’s just part and parcel of the deal. Yeah. You know, I certainly have less people say no to me today. When it comes to joint venture funding than I did in the beginning. I’d Well, this is what happened right. My first every investor meeting I got the money that day from basil and right I’m sure a lot of you have heard me share that right day from basil and yeah, my first ever one right? Yeah, my Savior. 5000 pounds. Yeah. My second meet in Pollyanna. Some of you have heard that at a networking event with my Uncle Paul. Yeah, remember that one? Yeah. 250,000 panels. second meeting. Third meeting Neil and Elizabeth chock up in J weekend collecting two of my old solar customers went to their house, because I was like, Oh, I’m on a roll here. I’m just gonna call people. So I got in front of them raise 50,000 pounds. So my first three ever like nailed it. I got a hattrick then I don’t know. I must have just felt I was too cocky or too confident. Because then I went on this rhyme of about 21 It was like 21 or 22 coffees zooms meetings and I couldn’t raise a penny and it was just weird and I thought you know what, I just remembered my door knocking days when I was door knocking present if Windows and it was like you might get 100 doors slammed in my face. But I’m closer now to a yes than ever before. And it is just part and parcel of what will tell you you know he’s a master phone selling and face to face selling as well as 100 nose, or you said it as well, there we go. But if you never start, you’ll never get there. What’s the saying you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Now something which will will help you hopefully, and again, it’s your you got to overdo it or not do it. But something which I do in all of my businesses, and we pretty much do it most mornings, most departments is that 848 30 Every morning on teams or zoom, or wherever they do, we roleplay in the business. Now, a lot of you guys, you know, you work really closely with my great partners, Watson, Rebecca, you have contact with the team back in the office, many of you have been to our events. Some of you have been with us now for like 234 years. I know quite a few of you are really, really wanting to get one of those lifetime sports. But you know, it’s it’s not just about me, Ross and Rebecca is much bigger, right? The whole organization is highly trained, highly skilled. everyone’s on the same values, we’ve shared the same vision, everyone’s moving in the same direction. But that’s because we drill it down every day. It’s like a frickin army assets for life. It’s militant. Yeah, and everything is like everyone’s on point. You know, everyone’s got a place everyone feels valued within the organization. We allow people to be who they are people give you guys look, we’re not perfect. Yeah, we fall short from time to time, and few things, and this and the other, but we’re always holding our hands up, and you’ve got to do the same. You got to find that drive and practice and, you know, you know, sit with Fiona and sit with Ross and Rebecca and sit with people here and, and roleplay it, you know, if you were to roleplay, for example, the savings accelerator, you know, the some of you hopefully remember that product, right, the savings accelerator is, you’re gonna lend me money, I’m gonna give you a fixed rate return for a fixed timeframe. There’s no profit share, I’m just lending money. And rather than just call it a loan, I package it up into the savings accelerator. It just sounds a lot more exciting, right? And it’s a lot more tangible. But if you were to practice talking about the savings accelerator every single day for 30 minutes for 21 days, where you’re going to be in 21 days. You’re going to be 21. I like that same Yeah, you’re going to be 21 days better, right? You’re going to understand the product more you’ll understand how to overcome objections, you’re going to sound absolutely fantastic. You know, when I sat with Dave, nearly eight years ago, I didn’t sound like I sound today. I was blogging it a bit, I was nervous as hell, I was sweating under my jacket. I didn’t think I was gonna get the money. I was scared of a bit of rejection. But I was there. And I just think In for a penny in for a pound. If you’ve come this far, you got to keep going. Right? You got to keep going. And I think that’s so important in life where you’ve got to keep going, because you will get that first investor. You will? And how would it make you feel? Let’s say I’m your investor, right? And I give you a 10 grand, and in a year’s time you pay me back 11 grand? How would that make you feel as a person? But if you could win it, yeah. Because you’re helping me beat the banks get a better return on my money. And then the chances aren’t going to give you more. Yeah. So I think for you to overcome this, you’ve got to have a much deeper understanding of the products, what to say how to say it, how to come over objections, for example. Yeah. So that’s so that’s something there, you know, Speaker Academy on speaker Academy as well, aren’t you? Yeah. So you can use speaker Academy to sharpen the axe as it comes to, you know, standing on stages or, you know, over the telephone or something like that. Yeah. Believe in yourself, no matter what’s really important. If you want something, just go and do it. Find a way Don’t let fear, hesitation, doubt, anxiety, confusion, get in your way. You got to keep going. Yeah, think big, act big. Every single one of us a really special person, and you can have whatever it is you want to have. You just got to keep pushing through.

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