Staying away from home for an extended period can be daunting and uncomfortable. The thought of living out of a suitcase, eating takeaway food every night, and not having a comfortable place to relax can be a nightmare. However, serviced accommodation has come to our rescue, providing a comfortable home-like environment that meets the needs of travellers who need a short-term place to stay. In this blog post, I’ll explore the key elements that make serviced accommodation a perfect home away from home for extended stays.

A Fully-Furnished Apartment

One of the primary things that make serviced accommodation different from hotels is the apartment’s fully furnished nature. When you stay in a serviced apartment, you have everything you need for a comfortable stay, including furniture, appliances, and bedding. This means that you can avoid the inconvenience of lugging around your household appliances and items.

Adequate Space

As compared to hotels, serviced apartments have spacious living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. This means that you can have guests over, cook your meals, entertain your friends and family and still have a comfortable place to sleep. This space and privacy make you feel at home, making serviced accommodation a popular choice for extended stays.

Comprehensive Services

Serviced accommodation is designed to provide a complete home-like experience to guests. From housekeeping services to laundry services, everything is included, and you are left with the sole responsibility of enjoying your stay. Additionally, wifi, cable connections, and other essential services are all included, ensuring that you remain connected to the world.


Similar to rentals, serviced accommodation facilities are often located away from busy commercial zones. This makes them perfect for providing a peaceful environment for guests who prefer some downtime. Furthermore, they are generally located near local amenities such as convenience stores, transport links, and supermarkets making it even more convenient.

Affordable additional services

Serviced accommodation providers often provide additional facilities and services at an affordable rate, including private dining, housekeeping, and grocery delivery. This makes for an even more personalized experience that meets your specific needs during your stay.

In conclusion, serviced accommodation is the best alternative for individuals who require a comfortable home-like environment during an extended stay. The apartments are fully furnished, spacious and include comprehensive services that can meet all your requirements. Serviced accommodation facilities easily stand out when it comes to their ability to provide customised experiences, ensuring that guests are fully immersed in a comfortable living space. Book a serviced apartment today during your next extended stay and experience the comfort of home away from home.

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