Rent to Rent Success: Making £140,000 Profit from 14 Properties

Liam is here to discuss the journey of Ola, a graduate who has successfully built a portfolio of 14 high cash flowing properties, making a profit of £140,000 per year. They emphasise the importance of proper training and support in business, as well as building relationships with agents and landlords. They also discuss the concept […]

Breaking The Myths Of Property Investing

Liam aims to debunk common myths surrounding commercial conversion property investment in the UK, addressing five misconceptions that people often have about commercial conversions.

5 Marketing Secrets You Need To Know

Liam shares five marketing secrets to help listeners start, scale, and grow successful businesses, everything from addressing common fears and misconceptions about marketing, to emphasising the importance of simplicity and authenticity.

The New Age Of Masterminding

Liam shares his experience and key takeaways from a recent mastermind trip in Dakla, Morocco, focusing on the new age of masterminding and offering 12 valuable lessons learned during the trip.

Secrets of Successful Property Flipping

In this podcast episode, Liam shares valuable insights and tips on how to successfully flip properties in the UK for significant profits. The episode begins by emphasising the importance of choosing the right location with a demand for affordable housing. He also advises on the benefits of raising joint venture funding, allowing investors to finance the purchase and refurbishment of properties. The episode concludes with advice on running the numbers, setting profit goals, and the opportunity to attend free property events hosted by the host and their team.

The Best UK Property Strategies To Use In 2023

Liam discusses the importance of investing in the UK in 2023, emphasising the need to shift from relying solely on earned income to generating investment income. He explains how investing in the right properties can lead to long-term financial stability and the ability to build a legacy for future generations.