Top 5 Best Areas to Invest in Property in the UK

best areas to invest in property view of sheffield

Believe it or not, the United Kingdom is full of incredible places for people to live, which means there’s also plenty of opportunities for investors to scale their portfolio. Finding the right area to invest in can be the decider of your success. Multiple factors come into play as to what makes a good investment geographically, and you’re about to learn why! 



Leeds is a stunning city with a high tourist foot flow and plenty to explore. Better yet, thanks to regeneration work over the past decade, the city boasts a very healthy economy with stable population growth. Leeds is well-known for its stable employment base due to a regional economy powered by approximately 126,000 companies and 1,300,000+ workers behind them. Leeds is also home to a thriving Buy-to-Let Market and hosts one of the most exciting rental markets. There are many more reasons why Leeds is one of the best areas to invest in property. Are you interested in investing in Leeds? You can learn more here at Aspen Woolf. 



Not too far from Leeds, is the bustling city of Sheffield. For many years Sheffield has been known for its industrial works and glorious green spaces. The abundance of outdoor space that surrounds the city attracts people from far and wide. Whether new residents or holidaymakers, there’s always new foot flow coming into the city. Sheffield is the perfect transport hub for all, and now travel is back to normal after lockdown. The city has had incredible economic recovery. The rental market is currently thriving in Sheffield, and it’s overall a prime investment location. Learn more about investing in Sheffield here at City Rise. 



Located northwest of England, we have Manchester, arguably one of the best places to invest in property for years. Manchester is renowned as a top 10 global location for business start-ups, with plenty of employment opportunities. Manchester is one of the largest in the UK, and there is plenty of property investment opportunities scattered throughout. Also, Manchester boasts the second-largest regional economy outside of London, and the people within are the exact kind of demographic any property investor would dream of finding. Do you think Manchester is one of the best areas to invest in property? Learn more about the city at RW Invest. 



Not too far from Manchester, we have Liverpool. Liverpool is another City considered one of the best and most affordable places to invest in property. Like Leeds, Liverpool hosts a strong economy and is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom. The population is around 500,000, meaning it’s the countries sixth-highest populated area. Liverpool proves to be a city full of diverse businesses, many of which are high-value industries. Is Liverpool the City for you to invest in property? Learn more about it at Aspen Woolf. 



Birmingham has incredible potential for a strong economy and should be considered one of the best areas to invest in property. Birmingham is known as the UK’s second-biggest city. The demand for property in Birmingham continues to increase. With a population of over 1,000,00 people, there is plenty of investment opportunities in the current market. Property prices are constantly rising thanks to the demand, so Birmingham is currently one of the best areas to invest in property. Learn more about investing in Birmingham here at Aspen Woolf. 


There are many places across the country filled with investment opportunities. To learn how to source the best investment opportunities and supercharge your property investment success, access Assets for Life training for free today! 

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