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Why You Need an Elevator Pitch

Now, something that I truly believe is that every single business owner, side-hustler, entrepreneur, or solo-preneur should have a strong 60 second elevator pitch. It can literally be a game changer for your business and can be the difference between securing a huge deal or missing an opportunity.  


What is an elevator pitch?  

Before I get into why having an elevator pitch is crucial, it’s important to know what one is. Simply put, an elevator pitch is a brief, memorised statement that describes exactly what you offer and the value you bring. Keeping this at 60 seconds ensures that your pitch is long enough to provide enough detail, yet short enough to keep the listener engaged.  


Why you need a strong elevator pitch? 

There are many reasons you need a killer 60 second elevator pitch. One of the most obvious ones is that opportunities are everywhere, even in an elevator, and you need to be prepared. You’ll be ready to put your best foot forward at every given opportunity which naturally ensures that opportunities are not missed.  


Another reason why elevator pitches are a must is that they help build your confidence in both yourself and what it is that you’re offering. Whether you find yourself pitching at a networking event or anywhere else, you’ll have more conviction and self-belief doesn’t go unnoticed by potential investors or clients. This will mean that you’re more likely to close deals and grow your business.  


How to write a 60 second elevator pitch 

By now, you’re hopefully thinking of writing or improving your own elevator pitch. There are three key things you need to cover:  


1) Who are you? 

2) What can you do for them? 

3) Where do you go from here?  


For more information check out Assets For Life’s guide to writing a strong elevator pitch, it details exactly what you should include plus top tips on putting your best foot forward.  

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