Liam comes direct from a live event, with a specially recorded interview featuring Neil and Jackie Dobson, who have achieved remarkable success in the property investment industry.

The Dobsons share their journey from being slaves to their failing business to becoming successful property investors, securing 60 deals in less than four years. They discuss how they overcame challenges and found the missing link that propelled them forward, by focusing on having faith in the process, investing in oneself, and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals.



“We were slaves to our business. The profits were diminishing and it was looking daunting. I started to develop health problems.”

“We sat the workshop absolutely enthralled by everything we’ve seen. We were looking for the missing link to pull it all together and propel us forward.”

“This has been an inspiration”


If you’re listening to the dealmaker podcast, hosted by multimillionaire property investor, entrepreneur, and Guinness World Record holder, Liam Ryan, discover how to start scale and grow your business, become a better negotiator, create more opportunity and make massive profit so you can live the life of your dreams. In today’s podcast, I’m taking you behind the curtain, and you are going to be listening to a recording that took place at the serviced accommodation bootcamp where I am interviewing Neil and Jackie Dobson, who have secured 60 deals in less than four years, making hundreds of 1000s of pounds per year, take a listen, it is going to blow you away up until this stage, the one and only though jobs.

Really appreciate you just freeing up some of your time. I know you’re in the back there, and you’re working on some deals. And a lot has happened in four years. So we’ve got, you know, 10 or 15 minute bonus slot here. Take us back four years ago. What did life look like? What were you going through? That really got you to a point of coming to this type of boot camp. And then taking the next step of becoming property investors.

Well, we were slaves to our business, we ran a business, which was nosediving. So the profits were diminishing and looking a little bit daunting, a lot was gonna go and where it’s gonna go.
I started to develop some health problems. So that business was more and more difficult as a business. We’re on our feet all days and then I come across a free workshop in Colchester at the marks Hotel, which we went along to and the rest is history as they say.

Yeah, so we set the workshop, absolutely thrilled by everything that we’ve seen. And that was something we have had come to training beforehand. But there was something missing. So that’s why we were looking for for something looking for the missing link. Together propel us forward. Yeah. So yeah, we basically took the plunge. We looked back and it was a huge investment in ourselves, which we’d never done before we’d really sort of money backed ourselves on this. I think for like, you know, all your life, but it happens to a lot of people. Yeah, yeah, we were talking about the pieces of the puzzle earlier, and how you can be your own block. And you know, you guys were your own blog for a long time, trying to figure out on your own, trying to put the pieces together, losing money, not making right decisions or slow process. And then when I met you for the first time and you was at the event and then you joined our academy became VIP members.

You would just opens it said, hey, just show us a new way of doing it. And really quickly, you got some really great deals. Now we talk about multiple streams of property income, you know, getting focused on a strategy. And then you can diversify now, the Dobson’s for full transparency. They’ve done pretty much every single strategy with their 60 deals. They’ve done a lot of development. They’ve done a solo commercial conversion. They’ve done single, that’s their deal, flipping. They’ve done serviced accommodation, they now do rent to rent, you’ve also done the old packaging. So they have really embraced the laws that we teach. And you know, they stayed in that process. We’re talking about serviced accommodation, rent to rent. And that’s really the focus for our amazing graduates here. And what the short view on the market for the next 369 12 months where do you see the demand? Where do you see people starting now? Is it is a good time is a great time isn’t the best time we’ve seen in a while there’s no better time, both for purchasing and for to rent to rent an essay, certainly because there’s huge developments. There’s loads of money being thrown at various growths and projects in various towns. I mean, that’s where we’ve really sort of mastered our area. And we’ve got five or six different income streams from just one area by really drilling in and seeing what’s going on in there and what is the best strategy for that area and that’s just evolved and like you say our first rent to rent was particularly scary. 90 and apartments in one go. I mean, the rent is just mind blowing each month but with done the numbers and we run the numbers past and we’ve got backed up by everybody around the academy, and said, yeah, it works. But we still get questioned it because there’s big numbers. That’s the key.
Let the numbers tell you whether it’s good or bad. We take all the emotion out of it the lumber, so it’s gonna work. We go back then it was very scary. Yeah, we still believe in the process. Oh, yeah. Yeah.
I think that’s really important, what you just summed out there really, for me in one word, you need to have faith, really important. It’s not just about trusting a process. It’s about having faith in a process. And it’s about having faith with the people that you’re investing in. And it’s about having faith with the team. What you’re saying is that you’re in fear. Because you get fear, or you get faith, you kind of both.
So do you want to stay in fear? Or do you want to have faith today and say, I’m gonna have faith in this process, and the people and the team around me, I’m just going to show up and do the next right thing. And we’re going to go get that first deal that second, or that third deal that attempt there, hey, maybe 60 deals. You know, these guys were at the Hall of Fame last year, for 50 deals, the year before they got an award for 25 deals. The next level for these guys is 100 deals. I’m pretty confident this time next year, this time next year, you’ll be picking up the Hall of Fame Award for 100.

Very normal people, yeah, I dropped out of school. I was asked to leave. It didn’t interest me. This, and it’s a bit like a drug. It’s so much fun. Winning the chase winning the deals, getting pulled back now and again. too keen to offer. And but yeah, great to know, not just talking about the team, I’m talking about whole community.

The whole Academy I feel for you, that’s been like a big game changer for you. Because I may have I may have said earlier look in the academy, those of you that are able to carry on working with us. There are deals in the academy, just so you know, there’s money in the academy, there’s partners in the academy, there’s actually everything you’re going to need in there to take you on this journey, because it is very much it’s not about the AI. It’s about the team and us working together. What impact has the Academy had? And what are what’s been some of the biggest benefits that you found as a result of being in that Academy? Oh, my God, friends, friends, people, like, yeah, absolutely. Yeah, everybody’s got your back. Nobody’s negative. Everyone’s always looking out for you. Will, it will tell you the truth, we will tell you the crap there. We’ll say it’s crap. Because we don’t want people to get into trouble. Nobody will lie to you. Everyone’s pushing you forward. Everybody just wants the best for you. So there’s definitely no negative nancies in it. No, no, no first rent to rent. I mean, we had Rob Mason on board who is a mentor for assets for life in the world. So isn’t it? Yeah, he’s an expert on managing deals NSA. And he came and spent the day with us and said, Yeah, this deal works. And we said, Well, can you manage it? You didn’t want to, we don’t want a job. So we made sure the figures work, but the management fees included your benefit as well from us, and vice versa, it’s all about and together we suggested about building a hands free rent to rent business. Now if you want to go and do the check in and do the flowers and chocolates,
you can do that for sure. No worries. But you can also just hook up with the mentors and the people in the academy that offer that I was a service. They take their bid for managing it for you. They’ve got the systems they got the processes. So it’s very much a done for you solution where we just plug you in at the right time to the puzzle. So then you work on the big picture. What impact has you know rent to rent essay property had on your life? Oh, goodness, what a lifestyle from that one day when we when we lost it. I was actually on Jobseeker’s Allowance I forget about this because it’s just like a little blip. I’ve been I was gonna say made redundant.

But yeah because I was working more on my business than I was on a business so obviously they gave COVID is the reason for me to not have a go. I need different and so yeah, I was on Jobseeker’s Allowance receiving Universal Credit. We had a couple of rental properties that will generate
my own company. So this is remote Yes. I remember being on the phone to my caseworker for my job seekers are saying, We’re gonna open their subscription business and the usual, the whole of the hospitality has just closed down and right. Yeah, we’ve run the numbers.
So yeah, so yeah, so we went from basically me saying, Please don’t send us government don’t read it to us now generating 60 grand a month, which is 61,000.
Wow, wow.

We should have net profit is 10 a month average. But we also take 70k months, wages out of that. We don’t do anything document on the doors matrix is not pay myself a great salary, you’re getting dividends, you reinvesting in the business, you’ve got it. And it all started with just that first or next deal. And you haven’t just done large rent to rent deals or done small sad rentals as well, that just happens to be their first, you know, major law enforcement. We’re not saying everyone here is gonna get 19 units in one go. That could happen. It’s just so you know, that is possible. And if we can do it, you can do it too. You know, what would you say too early here right now that maybe they’ve found themselves over years sitting on the fence on things? They found themselves maybe making slow decisions, maybe they overthink, maybe they change their time all the time. And they jump from one thing into another? Perhaps they’re the type of person that always thinks about other people, rather than things about themselves? Or they’re someone that always thinks they can do on their own? What, what what, what stops, tips and tricks would you give to the different types of people that we have here? You start to analyze people in my thought process, I always think to myself, What if I don’t do this? How am I going to feel if I don’t do it? What am I going to have missed out on? So like, I’d still be on potentially where we could have lost everything.

If we ended up change something we’d have lost the house. Yeah, facing
financial hardship and all sorts of things. So it’s like, how will my life change? I was thinking about how it will change for the better. I’m never thinking of what could happen. Like negative I’m thinking what will will moisty giving positive because if you’re positive, you’ll take positive steps. If you’re thinking negatively, then you’ll be going backwards. So yes, I’m always thinking about how things will look by doing this in the future. That’s my top thing. I would say back to self love, self love and do something. The other 90% success invest in yourself. It’s not cost US investment believe me look at the return on investment. Just just by embracing I’m going to use word fear because you do have this gut wrenching feeling when you got a big decision to make. We got believe yourself back if you don’t get that feeling tonight, so I’m not gonna move you forward to profitable living face better word. Now we get scared, but we don’t let opportunities pass us by we make huge financial investments into our education still. And we’re always seeking knowledge always learning we make sure you mix me the right people if the right people or we submit to someone and then we feel like their time or energy suffers. They’re just very slowly move away from them. So it’s yeah, really picking the people that you want to spend time with. You know, you don’t actually use it. But yeah, you want to be surround yourselves with the right people. Back yourself for success and not failure.

Yeah, I’m just taking that that step and just go for it because you just don’t know. gives me goosebumps
Well, we’re always these points in our lives where we’re at Crossroads you know, when we go advanced training, or we want to understand something different. And then it’s about walking across the ropes. You got to walk across the road, don’t stop at the red traffic light. If you’re just going to stay stopped or you’re going to go backwards. Let’s move from red to Amber to green will be a great yesterday team. Yeah, we’ve got to be moving forward in the journey. With help and support and guidance. Every single one of you could be the next set Dobson’s you could be up on the stages you can be at the award ceremonies, you can be getting those three built those four. If deals using joint venture funding is it around 2 million now we’ve got to figure out whether we’ve raised more money. By the pound.
Every single one of their deals is a no money down deal. They’ve done everything using other people’s money. And these guys will get a deal done. And then they’ll just figure out how to do it. And so Hey, between us, we’ve raised the the 10, nine 11 million, nearly 12 million between them. And we started out with the mindset who’s going to invest 25 grand in debt, filing business, you got the sack. So everything was going for us.

But things happen for a reason. And you got back yourself. Yeah. It’s been, it’s been a really wonderful journey with you. And I know, we’ve got so many more years to come. And we get to hang out and we get to talk. And, you know, you’re a big part of the community. And they’re really, really big in the academy. And they’re also mentors now, the Dawson’s years out with the retreat with us last year on one retreats and your business is pretty much doubled since the retreat level one, and I’m sure you’ll be coming out with level twos and level threes and level fours and coming all over the world with us. What What would you say anyone thinking about getting on a retreat? You know, it’s hard to put that into words, but just just in a few short sentences, what was your experience on both one of our retreats over in Marbella to things like that? I’m a big skeptic. And I have to say, and I think that what how can it be that? What can be so different? What can change without saying my ways? I’m 59 years old, no one’s gonna influence me or change me? Are they? Bloody hell?

Yeah, I just in awe of people’s honesty, absolutely. It’s such a safe space. Because your way you’re in the most beautiful surroundings the most beautiful party, and you’re living a life that you don’t think anybody really lives. It’s just on telly. It’s just cuz your your way. And you’re away from all of that stuff. Yeah.
I knew we were beautiful people, and just discussing sharing, really on this journey with them on the roller coaster that comes with with owning your own business. But everyone’s just, it’s just
the idea of, you know, hanging out Mark day, working on your business, and then you’re able to double your business just a few short months later, raise your hand. Yeah, and this is what happened to these guys. And they literally, they were doing great before then. And then they just exploded. And you know, we always say these make decisions today, based on where you want to be, not where you are today. And when you have that attitude you get to buy today, you get to buy low, you get to bypass all of the long chips and all the bad stuff. You get to good stuff really, really, really quickly. Really appreciate your company that is that been an inspiration.

You’re listening to the dealmaker podcast, hosted by multimillionaire property investor, entrepreneur, and Guinness World Record holder Liam Ryan, discover how to start scale and grow your business become a better negotiator, create more opportunity and make massive profit so you can live the life of your dreams, dreams.


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