How to Build Multiple Streams of Income: With Jessen James

jessen and liam

In today’s blog post I will be partnering with award-winning speaker and friend Jessen James. He will be sharing how he lost his job as a psychiatric nurse, how he was able to start his multi-million-pound business, how he was able to build his team and focus on building multiple streams of income.

Liam: What did losing your job do to you?

Jessen: It made me realise that nothing in life is secure unless you secure it yourself. What changed for me in that moment was mindset. Don’t get me wrong, I was annoyed with my employer, but I gave permission for her to fire me the minute I signed the contract and that’s the way it is. After this, I decided that I never wanted to work for anyone else again, I tapped into the entrepreneurial spirit I had when I was a kid and I decided to use what I already knew. I started my own healthcare business, but what I didn’t realise at the time is that I was running a rent-to-rent strategy.

Liam: I know you’re huge into leverage, could you explain this?

Jessen: 100%! That’s where I got the business to a point where I was making great money. I had a nice car, nice house, and nice things – but I ran into a problem. I thought I had a business, but I had a job with a shit boss that didn’t get me enough time off haha. There are so many people out there that call themselves business owners, but they’re not, they’re self-employed.

Liam: That’s an interesting point. In your opinion, what does be a business owner mean?

Jessen: Being able to have the business pay you whether you’re there or not, going to work because you want to, not because you have to, going on holiday and being present. Everyone that follows Liam knows that he is a big advocate for income, follows and assets. Your business is not an asset unless you run it, which basically means your business is a liability. If you get sick tomorrow what happens to your business? Most business owners, sadly, do not have 3 months’ worth of running costs in their bank right now to keep their business alive or navigate through tough times.

Liam: What’s the key thing then Jessen? What would be the first step that people need to take?

Jessen: If right at this very moment, you’re working on your business, be clear about your vision and ask yourself where do you want it to go? I always say to people, start your business with the intention to sell it because it will force you to build systems and processes and not make it dependent on you. Build a business around your life, not a life around your business.

Liam: What’s your view on building a strong team?

Jessen: The first person I recruited was an assistant from Richard Branson’s ex PA’s firm. It was my first taste of outsourcing because I realised that I couldn’t do everything myself. I started hiring better people and I took a pay cut at first so I could hire more people. Eventually, that business made me financially free at the age of 31.

Liam: Take us to where you are now Jessen. What is the business you have, what are you doing, and how are you helping people?

Jessen: My passion has always been about serving and helping other people. I’ve got myself to a position now where my business takes care of itself, and I get to live my purpose every day.  Everyday I get a passion for serving and helping people whilst getting paid for doing that.

Liam: So not only are you able to make the income, but you can make the impact. What tips would you share to become more successful on how to start, scale and grow a business?

Jessen: Great question. Your state will manage your income. If you do things out of a place of fear, you’ll make poorer decisions and when you make poor decisions, you’ll take poorer actions. You can’t change what’s happening right at this very moment, but you can take control of yourself.

Liam: It’s been amazing having you on the show. One last question before you go, what does being a deal maker mean to you?

Jessen: It means being a facilitator of change and transformation. If you can create a win-win deal for someone, you are essentially transforming their life.

Liam: Where can people find you?

Jessen: Instagram: @jessenjames_official , website:

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