Liam takes you behind the Assets For Life curtain, and demonstrates the practical ways in which you can make £5000 per month from property investment in the UK.



‘For most people out there, it’s about the cash flow’

‘You are a handful of property deals away from achieving financial freedom’


If you’re listening to the dealmaker podcast, hosted by multimillionaire property investor, entrepreneur, and Guinness World Record holder, Liam Ryan, discover how to start scale and grow your business, become a better negotiator, create more opportunity, and make massive profit so you can live the life of your dreams.

Hey, today, I’m going to take you behind the curtain and I’m going to demonstrate how you can make 5000 pounds per month from property investment in the UK. I’ve been investing in property for over 20 years now and in just the last eight years, I’ve been involved with over 28 million pounds worth of property deals. I’ve also raised over 9 million pounds of other people’s money and I now get to show ordinary people just like you and I how to go and get extraordinary life changing results.

For most people out there, it is about the cash flow and many people right now maybe you can relate you are working far too hard. For not enough money, you may feel like you’re a slave to your job or your business, you’re spinning all the plates and you really don’t have the time to spend with your loved ones and the freedom to do what you want when you want with who you want. Or you are literally just a handful of property deals away from achieving financial freedom, and never having to worry about money ever again. So the magic number for many people in the UK is to hit that 5000 pounds a month target as fast as possible and I’ve now spent the last eight years mentoring coaching, teaching people how to go and get these great results. You’ve got two options, you’ve got the slow way, or you have the fast way, you have the old way, or you have the new way. Now both ways are very good. However, one will get you the results much quicker. The old way to build a property portfolio generating 5000 pounds was to go and save deposits, work even harder, become a slave even more to your business, save a deposit, go and buy a house and rent it out as a single let’s and if we look at what the average single lap property will net you per month, it’s about 300 pounds per month, you need almost 17 singlets in the portfolio to generate 5000 pounds a month net profit passive income.

If you had 16 properties in the portfolio, and they would rent it out on long term tenancy agreements, it would still be a great portfolio, because you’re going to get the income, you’re gonna get the capital appreciation, and you’re really building a legacy for your future. But for most people to go and get 16 single let’s it’s going to take many, many, many, many years and you’re going to have to work many, many, many, many hours. So what is the new way? What is the fastest way, that way is what we call high cash flowing properties. You can do this by owning property, or one of the quickest routes into the market is via rent to rent. This is simply where your company will rent a property from a landlord and using the correct contracts. The landlord will allow you to use it as a HMO, a house in multiple occupancy where you’re renting the rooms out to professionals, or a serviced accommodation where you are using it like a hotel facility and you are allowing people to stay there night by night. You know and you’ll use something like Airbnb or Now, typically speaking, a rent to rent high cash flowing property in the right area with the right strategy with the right guests or tenants. You will be averaging 15,000 pounds per year per property. Like how many weeks months or years are you having to work to generate 15,000 pounds?

Hey, maybe you’re having to work all year. 50 hours a week, just one Do you’ll be generating in the region of 15,000. So that’s around 1250 pounds a month net profit after all expenses. So how many do you need for 5000? It’s a simple equation, you just rinse and repeat, you just need four. That is right, for high cash flowing properties that you do not even own, you do not have to go through credit checks necessarily, you’ve not got a raise big deposit pots, just four of these, and you will be making in the region of 50,000 pounds per year. What would that mean to you, your loved ones your family? Would that give you more choice, more freedom, more drive more passion, more confidence, get you out of some bad debt, and just build something special for the future. Now rent to rent. The downside is you don’t own the asset. The upside is you haven’t got to go buy something you can get started fast and what a lot of my personal graduates do is they take the cash flow from a rent to rent business. Then they use that as deposits to then go and buy assets. Because ultimately, income follows assets.

The more assets you have, the more money that’s generated. And then you use that income to go and pay for your holidays, pay for your mortgage, your cars, your lifestyle, the private school fees, and the more money you want to make, the more assets you go and get. So that is very simple. Both ways work that will get you to 5000 pounds a month. But using other people’s property, and using a high cash flow strategy will definitely definitely definitely help look if I can do it, you can definitely do it.

So I’ve been doing this a long time. I now own the UK to leading property business and wealth training organisation and because you are here, and you have made it through this video, it shows me that you’re a real action taker and it would be a real pleasure to actually meet you at some point to hang out with you get to know you. So somewhere in the description, there is a link, hit the link, see all of our upcoming events and grab a free ticket. Come and meet me and my team. We’re going to hang out with you. I’ll take you behind the scenes, and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do right now to get faster results in these next 90 days. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you in the next video.

You’re listening to the dealmaker podcast hosted by multimillionaire property investor, entrepreneur and Guinness World Record holder Liam Ryan, discover how to start scale and grow your business become a better negotiator create more opportunity and to make massive profit so you can live the life of your dreams, dreams.


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