Liam shares his personal experience of how he successfully secured his first investor, even without prior experience. He takes the listeners behind the scenes of his journey, from joining a mentoring program to creating his company and utilising social media to generate leads.

Liam also looks at the importance of taking action and seizing opportunities in the present moment, providing valuable insights on how to build rapport with potential investors and conduct effective meetings.



“I was a very private person. But my mentor said, look, why don’t you just give it a test? And start telling people what you do and how you can help and take your audience on a journey.”

“We’ll sit down. You’ll suss me out. I’ll suss you out. If we can make it work, great. If not, it’s going to be lovely meeting you.”

“I’m very fortunate today that I’ve got an asset-backed business that pays for all of these trips. Very lucky today that I use an Amex credit card, £150,000 a month on advertising spend that enables me to travel anywhere in the world business class for free.”


If you’re listening to the dealmaker podcast, hosted by multimillionaire property investor, entrepreneur, and Guinness World Record holder, Liam Ryan, discover how to start scale and grow your business, become a better negotiator, create more opportunity and make massive profit. So you can live the life of your dreams, how to get your first investor over the line. Even if you’ve got no experience, I’m going to take you behind the scenes now. And I am doing a talk at one of my Advanced Property trainings, where I’m literally going to walk you through exactly how I got my first investor over the line. So I could start doing no money down deals. So look, here’s the thing.

You know, the deal, I was desperate.

I joined the mentoring program, I invested 25,000 pounds, best decision I ever made. It’s a tax deductible expense, I’m getting the help. I’m in this new community, I’m feeling alive, and are feeling energized. And feeling like this is definitely something that I can do. And then I create my company, I do the website, I do the branding. And I start to put a little bit out there on social media. Now, eight years ago, frickin hated social media.

I didn’t want to go anywhere near I didn’t want anyone looking to know me, they want to share any of my stories. I was very private person.

But my mentor said, Look, why don’t you just give it a test. And start telling people what you do and how you can help and take your audience on a journey. Because I guarantee it Liam, there are people on your social media now in your phonebook that have got money or know someone that’s got money. And I’m pretty sure you’ll generate some leads. So I’m like, ah, okay, In for a penny in for a pound her mind to say this won’t work. I’ve just given you 25,000 pounds, pal, I’m going to actually do everything you asked me to do. So I just start to put a couple of little feelers out.

Three weeks into my journey, I get a phone call.

And is from will will used to be my marketing manager at spring energy. That’s the company that went into liquidation minus 392,000 pounds. And he calls me, Liam, I’ve seen what you’ve been doing online.
Great that you’re getting into property. I don’t have any money. But a friend of the family a guy called Dave. He just come into some money. He’s always talks about getting into property. Would you like to have a chat? So what do we say? Yeah. What do we say? What do we say? What do we say? We say yes. We act fast. Act now. Act today.

So this is what happens a few minutes later. I’m on the phone today. And this is exactly how the call went.
Ring Ring, ring ring. Oh, how is that Dave? Can you hear me? Okay. Oh, great. Yeah, it’s Liam here. Our good friend Will has put us in contact. My understanding is that you’ve got some access to cash. You like the idea of getting into property, but you don’t know how to do it. And you want to get your money working for you does? Does that sound about right Dave?

Really earned. Okay, great. Well, look, the best thing to do, rather than me explain everything over the phone. Let me come and meet you. We’ll sit down. Go through everything. And if we can make something work, great. If not, no problem. How does that sound?

Excellent. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you what, Dave, let’s just sync Cal diaries. Let me see when I can book you in. I’m unemployed by the way. Yeah. Okay, Dave, I’m going to send you a text message for confirmation. Ping me your email address, and I’ll send you over an email. I’m just confirming all the details for tomorrow. Really appreciate your time. Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you tomorrow at 12. Have a great day.

Then the reality kicks in. Oh, I’ve got my first investor meeting in the diary. All right. Is that a great way to generate and convert a lead yes or no team? Yeah, there’s no pressure. But if I’d said to Dave all day when cannot meet your pal, he may have said in a month, I could be dead in a month. Yeah, that’s the reality. We got a grab opportunity today. And when we get in that mindset we get to buy below market value. We get to buy now we get to buy in the portfolio, we get to work with great investments, we help them buy. Is that a great thing? Guys? Yes or no team? Yes, really important. So anyway, this is what happens.
The next morning, I wake up, I do my normal success routine.

I’m in my gym gear, and go to the gym with my train, always have a trainer, get another 30 40% Out of my session keeps me accountable. I have a really good session, I have a normal Vanilla Protein Shake afterwards, must have ice in it. A race home. I listen to some empowering content, I have a shower, and then I get myself into brand. Now back then, when I used to go out to investors, I used to wear my black shiny, smart, polished shoes.

A nice pair of fitted jeans, a crisp white shirt with a high color and gold cufflinks and a really nice fitted jacket. So I’m ready for action. I get myself into brand. Then I start to panic. So I shout out to Holly Holly. Babes quick, I need you to come in, we’ve got to do some roleplay not that type of roleplay.
So she sits down and we do some roleplay. And then I’ll get into my car. I WhatsApp my mentor because I’ve got direct access to my mentor. And I said me, I’m having a meltdown here. Can we jump on a whatsapp video for five minutes? I’m about to see the investor. He says no problem. So for five or six minutes, we’re on WhatsApp. He just getting me on state management. He’s getting me focused, talking me through how to overcome some objections. I truly believe today that that one five minute call with my mentor has helped me get to where I am today. Because I got out of my own way. I wasn’t in the puzzle pieces. He enabled me to go back to big picture thinking so I wasn’t afraid anymore. And I had the solution. Anyway, I’m down the A 120 I pull up at the Social Club. There’s around 40 Let’s just call them elderly gentleman in here all retired. Some of them are playing pool, some are playing darts. They all seem to be in what Walker Salt and Vinegar create some deep drinking a pint is stellar or fosters a go and find Dave.

Now this is very important by friends. When you first meet your investor, you must do something called framing write that down everyone. We’re going to frame the session most people in the detail get this wrong.

So what do I mean by framing? You are taking control of the situation. And you are making it very clear. What the potential outcome is of the meeting. So let me give you an example. Oh, hey, Dave, it’s Liam from assets for life. Great to be here today. Really appreciate your time. Look, the meetings probably going to last around 60 to 90 minutes and the reality is pave. You’re gonna suss me out and I’m gonna suss you out. But I’m here to get to know you look at your investment criteria. Talk to you about property investing, and if our values are aligned, and if we can make something work amazing. We can shake hands. And if not, no worries, we’ll go back to the drawing board or it’s been lovely meeting you anyway. Because that does that sound about right Dave? Yeah, brilliant. Great. Well, let’s get into it. You go and sit down, he’s got a point of phosphors. I’ve got a pint of Diet Coke with plenty of ice. And then the next part of the process is what we call write this down if you want the fact find this is where you use two ears and one mouth. This is where you ask the right type of questions. But what I’m doing what we’re doing here team is we are finding out as much as we can about that potential investor. Why do they want to invest? What they do for a living? What do they enjoy doing in their spare time? Have they got any children? Are they married now? They don’t know what we’re doing, Dave Danielle just by the way, Dave and that to do a fact find out. If we don’t do that, it’s like having a chat with your best mate. Right?

Yeah. And sometimes I may say, Hey, Dave, I may just be making a few notes here. Because I want to get to know you and make sure I do something great. So it’s a very personal, it’s like you’re talking to your best mate. But what I’m looking for here, where can I build the most amount of rapport in the shortest space of time? Okay, so listen to that very carefully. Where can I build the most amount of room for this short space of time, because when they know you, like you and trust you, they will want to invest into you. So you have to build that rapport. And then I said to Dan said, Dave, look just out of interest.
What do you like to do in your spare time, if you’ve got any hobbies?

He said, Well, I’m an I’m an absolute avid fan of the Formula One.

I love Formula One. And back then the car that year was incredible. Like Hamilton was absolutely nailing it. The cars were fantastic. The season was intense. The races were electrifying. And we then just went off on a tangent for like seven or eight minutes talking about the cars, and the tracks, and Lewis Hamilton. And that was the thing that broke down the barriers. I saw Dave, relax, he started to smile more, he started to have a better relationship with me.

And then what happened is I then shared stuff about assets for life. And I spoke about Jay and etc, etc.
And then this is what happened, right? I’ll be honest with you. I don’t want to sugarcoat it. This is what happened. I lost my nerve.

I should have or could have gone into what we call the close to look to shake hands. But internally, I was starting to have a panic. The monkey on the shoulder was loud. I started somewhere to think this is not possible. There’s no way I can do this. And rather than mess the meeting up, this is what I did. I said, You know what, Dave? I said, it’s been incredible spending time with you today. And I really appreciate your honesty. I said, How do you feel the meetings gone? He said, hey, you know what, you’re a really nice guy. And I understand exactly what you’re about. And yeah, it feels really good. I said, Well, I’ll tell you what we’ll do, Dave, because I offer a very personal service. I don’t work with that many investors. It was not at that point, okay.

I don’t work with that many investors, this is what I’m gonna do.
I’m gonna go back to HQ, my house.
I’m gonna go and speak to the team, my wife and J and what I’m going to do this afternoon is I’m going to come up with an action plan that I believe will meet your investment criteria, and then I’ll come back and present that to you. And then you can make a decision. I said, does that sound pretty good? He said, That sounds great. I said, Well, let’s sync diaries. And let me see when I can book you in.

Yeah, yeah. Okay. You know what day I can actually squeeze you in tomorrow. 10 o’clock or 12 o’clock. What time suits you best. He said, You know what, come back down here tomorrow at 12. Excellent. Shake hands on down the A 130 I get home.

I’m really really excited but also nervous. I’ll go to bed. I get up in the morning. I’ll go to the gym. I’ll get myself into brand. I have my vanilla milkshake. I’ll speak to Holly, I have another five six minute call with my mentor. I’m down the a 130 and then I’m back in the social club and inside I’m going this has got to be the one.

Now this is important. When you go for the second meeting, when you go for the second meeting. You do something called write this down everyone a pullback my Uncle Paul calls me.
He works with top CEOs, footsie 100 companies. He helped very successful people master what’s called their 62nd elevator pitch and utilize presenter skills.

Eight years ago, I wasn’t I wasn’t who you see now.

I wasn’t someone on stage. I didn’t want to get up at networking events. I didn’t want to put myself anywhere. I was actually quite introverted. Believe it or not. Yeah, naturally, I’m quite an introverted person.

They got nowhere in life. So I have to change, right? And try new things. So this is what happened.
He goes, I’m running a networking event covers my guest. Invoke instead of all places, right? Little Village, really nice village, by the way. Anyway, a few days later, I’m up in Berkhamsted, there’s 14 delegates in the room, very similar to this. And my Uncle Paul is doing his thing, teaching us about an elevator pitch and how to present correctly and build your confidence. And then it’s my turn to do the elevator pitch.
I’m sweating. I get this white stuff right in my mouth. My mouth goes really dry. Because I’m so freaking nervous. I do my elevator pitch. And then we go into a networking break. And at the back of the room, talking into a custard cream biscuit.

I get my glass of water.
And then I get a tap on the shoulder.
And I turn around.
And there’s this lovely looking lady called Pollyanna.
And she said, I loved your elevator pitch. I said, Okay, thanks for the feedback.
She said you sound perfect. I’ve just gone through a divorce. I’ve got 250,000 pounds sitting in the bank you think you might be able to?

Yes, wait.

I tell you what, Polly, a lovely to meet you. I said, I definitely believe I can help you. But rather than talk about it here, I offer a very personal service. Why don’t I come and beat you? We’ll sit down. Your sucks me out. I’ll suss you out. If we can make it work great. If not, it’s going to be lovely meeting you. How does that sound? Brilliant. Let’s check out diaries. Let me see when I can fit you in that.
I couldn’t actually do it that day. And this was a Tuesday I said, Tomorrow I’m flat out. But I can actually squeeze you in Thursday 10 o’clock or 12 o’clock what time just I just want you to know team. I use these various methods today. I was a holiday in Dubai just a couple of weeks ago with my beautiful wife Holly. My two amazing children. My oldest two couldn’t come on there with IV who’s seven winter that three. I’m very fortunate today that I’ve got an asset back business that pays for all of these trips.
Very lucky today that I use an a mix credit card 150,000 pounds a month on advertising spend that enables me to travel anywhere in the world business class for free. very humbled. Okay, because I made those decisions eight years ago. Does this make sense? Team? Yeah, anyway, just so you know, my wife doesn’t really know this. So don’t ever lie. But when I go on holiday to these very nice hotels, there’s other people there with a lot of money, I networking. I’ve got a reader up, where’s the money?

And what I do, every time I’m on holiday, I like to talk about business. I don’t like to talk about the sun in the sky is really.

I like to meet people and talk about success and money and managing money and investments and winning in life and having adventure. So guess what, when I’m on holiday, I’m sassy and people allow
when you go and speak to someone up at the bar when they’re all in a pina colada. Hey, how are you today? What are you doing here? You build connections, you build rapport. And guess what happens when you ask somebody what they do? What do they ask you?

Oh, great. Well, it My name is Liam Ryan. I’m an international property developer. And I help people make money while they sleep.

People money because you know what most people say? What do you do? Well, you know, live so
you know, don’t really love what I do. And I’m in a crappy job and I’ve been burned out and I’m just so stressed out right now. And inspiring. They are gonna get you know, leads. So you talk with confidence. You talk about power a lot. I’m not gonna close them there and then exchange details and then hey, look just out of interest of your property investor. Have you ever thought about getting into property, obviously that you just said you will be.

Is this Sunday? Do you invest in things? Oh, great. Well, look, why don’t we Why don’t we have a conversation at some point, I can tell you more about what we do some of the products and services we offer. And if we can make something work great. If not, hey, it’s lovely meeting you anyway. Great. Let’s exchange details. Let’s book in a zoom.

May application many zooms one other way. Yeah. It’s about having more conversations. Some of those zooms, pay off. Some of them don’t pay off. But the more conversations we have with the right people, it works. So just so you’re noting the methods that I’m sharing with you in this session, I use almost very much word for word today. I really hope you’ve enjoyed that, that and it’s given you some inspiration and some motivation that you could go and use other people’s money, and why not now watch one of my other videos, and I’ll see you on the other side. You’re listening to the dealmaker podcast, hosted by multimillionaire property investor, entrepreneur, and Guinness World Record holder Liam Ryan, discover how to start scale and grow your business become a better negotiator, create more opportunity and make massive profit so you can live the life of your dreams, dreams.


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