This episode is the third part of the series where Liam outlines what you need to focus on to grow and manage your wealth including, how to invest, the tried and tested formula for money and why you need to feel the fear and push past it to find and create the abundant lifestyle you deserve.



‘Property doubles every year in the UK and you get passive income’

‘Compounding is making money on the money that you make, allowing your money to work for you’

‘It’s one thing knowing it, it’s a different thing doing it’

‘Stop giving your stuff away for free, no one values free’

‘Money will typically make you more of what you are’


Okay, number one team is really making it a focal point to become an investor. Stocks, shares, gold watches, cars, ices, bonds, trusts, property, more property, more property, get more property.
Property doubles every 10 years in the UK and you get the passive income every seven is it Wow, great. More property.good cash flow in the business, invest in yourself more education, more retreats, more mentorship programmes. Yeah, kill your boots. More property, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna get more property.

The aim of the game over time is to have five, how many team five income streams from different asset classes. So that’s alongside your business or your job. So that could be one or two.
The aim of the game is to try and aim for a minimum of five. If you can get six or seven, then even better.
I really recommend that you start thinking a lot more long-term. Make decisions today based on where you want to be in 1/3/5/10 years. Allow compounding to kick in. Compounding, as many of you may know is making money on the money that you make. Allowing your money to work for you. Warren Buffett is one of the smartest investors in the world. He said something long as if you don’t invest your work until you die something like that right?

So you do that by investing in yourself and investing in great assets. And like we all know, this stuff around here is this like you know, not teaching anyone to suck exit, right? You know, but there’s one thing knowing it. And there’s a second thing doing it. Yeah. So I recommend you do get money invested to think long-term team. If you can make on average, around 20% a year on your money, you’re double your money every four years when you compound it. That’s pretty cool, right? Every four years, you double your money, number for how to multiply money, definitely partnerships and joint ventures.

You know, collaborating with people, I would much prefer 50% of something than 100% of nothing. So never be afraid of a profit share. As long as it works for both parties. So always be on the hunt. I’m always on the hunt in this room right now, these next five days for the next big talent. I’m pretty confident there are people in this room, where I’m going to become your next business partner. And maybe we’ll do some deals together. Hey, how cool would that be? It’d be fun, right? Because I don’t want to do all the work. I fucking hate working.

I love what I love doing the stuff that I enjoy. And you know, I’m mad about it, right? Like I’m driven mad for it. But I love great partnerships with people having a lot of fun going on an adventure, sharing the profits supporting one another, and just all being on the same page. So really be open, if you want to multiply and scale and grow really to JV and partnerships. And number five there is really understanding compounding.

So what I’m going to do now, I’m going to share something with you that was shared with me many, many years ago, seven years ago, by one of my great mentors. He’s still my mentor today. I give him 25,000 pounds every single year. I’ve done it for seven years. I sit with him maybe four times a year. I’ve got access to him on a WhatsApp group is actually a competitor of mine now, some of you know him Mr. Rob Moore up at Progressive Yeah. Good old Rob Moore. Yeah. He’s actually having a face-off with Samuel Leeds. Yes. Now it’s and they fucking hate each other. Because I’m in a mastermind with Rob Moore and Samuel Leeds used to be in it and then he got kicked out of it and anyway, they are having a punch-up for charity. 100,000 pounds, look Rob’s a great guy. He’s one of the top marketers in the UK. He’s got a great training company. You know, I started my property training and mentoring with Progressive. And this is what I love about this industry even though, like we are catching Rob fast. And actually, we have better profit margins than Rob more, because he’s just, you know, a big, big, big, big company with 160 staff something ridiculous like that.I go, I go to Rob, and we share ideas on training and mentoring and packages. And it’s great because like there are enough people for us all, would we agree? Yes or No? team? Yeah. There are enough people for us.

So anyway, you know what Rob shared something with me seven years ago. And not many people know this on the planet. I’m going to share it with you right now. It was a game-changer for me. I’m hoping it’s going to be a game-changer for you. This is what we know today as the formula for wealth. Would you like to see it? Yes.

Okay, you’re gonna want to write down the formula for wealth?
W equals open bracket, V plus E times L, closed bracket.
Thanks very much.
Oh, you want to know more? Do you want to know more? Okay. Okay. Let me talk you through this. Yeah. So we’ve got w equals v plus a times L. Let’s take a look.
So wealth equals write this down team.
Wealth equals value, plus exchange, times leverage.
I’ll talk you through this now.
Value. So wealth equals value plus exchange times leverage. Okay, great. So value is the perceived benefits that two or more people get when they start to work together. It’s got to be fair value. Okay. Many people out there are looking for a win-lose.

We don’t want to look for Win loses, we want to look for what Win, Win-win. So write that down, and I will look for win-wins. And it is important that you bring your value to the table.
And like I mentioned earlier, put your prices up if you need to never be afraid to do that increase the value that you give out to your clients. And stop giving your stuff away for free.
No one values free. You have great businesses, you’ve got years of experience. And on the flip side, don’t expect stuff for free as well. You’ve got to pay your way you need to invest your way. Okay, this is important. So make sure there’s value.

And this brings us nicely to exchange is what we call the exchange mechanism between two parties. And it has to be equal. It has to be equal. This is really, really important. Okay. And certainly, when you’re dealing with investors, like Luke’s got some fantastic investors, I think you’re gonna go and scale that bad boy, now, you’ve got millions of pounds earmarked for you’ve had some blocks, you’ve broken those blocks while you’ve been here. Ensure that yes, they’re going to give you the loans for the properties. Make sure you give them a great rate of return. Don’t say don’t overpay, but don’t go for the base rate either go with something that’s really decent. And then really give them a great service. go above and beyond for that investor. Give them that feel-good factor. So they’ve given you money. And in return, you’re gonna give them what a great return a great experience, you’re gonna make them feel amazing. You’re going to treat them so well, that they’re not going to want to go anywhere else, and they will become an investor of yours for the next 510 15 years. They’ll become a client of yours for many, many years. I know for a fact many of you in this room have been with Adam and I actually for you
is now years. And I know there are many of you here that will still be with us in 10/15 years’ time. Isn’t that an incredible feeling guys just said, Oh, team, I think that’s a great feeling because we are the real deal. We get people results with genuine caring guys, but we’ll also call you out on your ship, we will push you, and we will challenge you. And we also like to be challenged to so make sure there’s that good exchange and leverage. Let’s talk about leverage before we bring on the wonderful Jim Francis.
So this is important.

Most business owners, they try and do everything on their own.
They get the sales, they’re generating the leads. They’re building the team. They’re doing the tax return, the bookkeeping, they’re spinning all the plates. They’re trying to figure it out all in their own way.
But the smart investor, the small entrepreneur, we are leveraging and write this down other people’s money. It’s one of my favourite ones. Yeah. Yeah, we leverage cheap money as well. I love leveraging money from the bank.

You can go and get good credit from the bank, you can invest that into your businesses cheap money, in some cases, free money. We get to leverage investors and help them give them a great return. So we can leverage other people’s money. Number one, we can leverage other people’s teams. How awesome is that? Many of you in this room, get to work closely with my and Adam’s team, you’re leveraging our years of experience and what we bring to the table. Right? So 1% club members, you know, over these next three years, wallop Yeah, you’ll see a lot of our team members, they’ll help you in the judge, you can leverage other people’s teams, you can leverage other people’s mistakes. I’ve made many of them. You don’t have to make the same mistakes that I’ve made. So you’re going to leverage other people’s mistakes.

You’re going to leverage other people’s software
and apps, you can leverage technology, can’t you? And I was talking last night about artificial intelligence. Like oh, my goodness,
you were saying what percentage of jobs are going to go over these next five years as a result of AI? Solutions? About
30 to 50% of jobs are going to go?
So you’re in the right room team? Because you are an entrepreneur, right? You’re going to create your own products, your own services. That’s why this journey that you’re on now is more important than ever before. Lock in for those three years lock in for the next five years. Are we in this for a lifetime? Yes or no team? Yeah, never let anything stop you. So you’re going to leverage get really good at leveraging technologies.

You can leverage other people’s education time time is a good one. Yes, write that down time, education mentorships. These are great things that you can leverage. And one of my favourites as well, is you can leverage social media. Now there are two types of people on social media, you’ll know which one you are. And I want you to write down which one you are. There are two types number one is a consumer. So you’d like to go on social media, check it out, and see what’s going on. Have a little scroll about. So you’re a consumer, right? So that’s number one. The second type is what we call a producer. What do we call it? This is someone that’s creating content, putting out videos, social media posts, and getting their message out there. hand on your heart, write down right now. Which one are you? Are you a consumer? Write it down. If you are, that’s fine. Just write it down ownership here. Are you a producer? Raise your hand if you’re a consumer in the room. Okay. Yes, some people are congested. It’s all good. It’s so good. Who’s a producer? They say consumer and? Yeah, yeah, he’s a consumer. Great. He’s a producer. A little bit of both a little bit of both. Yeah.

The aim of the game team, the aim of the team in this day and age, you can become your own production media company. And you can really get your message out there to the masses really cheaply and almost free actually very, very cheap. And by being that person that steps up, by being that person that is not afraid to get you have got a great message. Every single one of you in here has got a voice, a great voice, a powerful voice. But at the moment, you’re just not being heard enough. And one of the ways in which you can get heard.
Do more to get yourself more on the platforms. Do your videos, do your reels, and get your content out there. commit to doing it for a lifetime, give it a go for 90 days doing it the right way. You will get more clients for your business, you will find more property deals, and you will generate more leads. And yes, well you get one or two haters, maybe. Do we care anymore? We don’t care, do we? Because we’re gonna go for it. Yeah. Great stuff. So again, leverage other people, other people’s social media.
Great, awesome. Any questions about that? Questions? Comments, Shares? Let’s open up for one or two minutes. Yeah, go for it, Trevor.

Yeah, cool. So yes, it’s a great point. And so the question was, can you use other people to do social media? For sure. Now, in the beginning, I just did it myself. Because how long does it take to do a post?
Yeah, a couple of minutes. A couple of minutes. Yeah. So in the beginning, I’ll be honest, I didn’t have any money to do that. I obviously put all my money into training all my money into mentoring, got myself on that first-ever retreat out in Florida, which was like, you know, life-changing. So, listen, team, listen, team.

When it comes to money, it’s also about feeling comfortable with wanting to make more money. This is important. People have a lot of fears, fear of losing fear and making and remembering successful people. If you’re in fear right now, step into the success. Step into the success. Don’t let money ever, ever hold you back from making great smart decisions. There’s an abundance of it out there. And you can have as much as you want, or you need to work hard and smart and make sacrifices. Yes, not. We’re just going to click your fingers and it’s going to be there tomorrow. You’ve got to keep taking those steps. And also, never be ashamed of wanting to make a lot of money. As long as you do good with that money, right? Money will typically make you more of what you already are. So if you’re a bit of a knob, you might become a bigger knob. Okay. A good job is there’s no knobs in the room. Right? Okay. You’re all great, amazing, lovely people. And every single one of you deserves a life of abundance. You really do. And I know every single one of you and they want to go out there and have a positive impact on the world. You want to help your dads, you want to help your kids. We’re gonna help the local communities. So embrace it, and say, I will be rich. What are we going to pay you? I will be rich. If I can do it, you can do it. You guys have been fantastic. Thank you very much.


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