Live from one of his amazing Mastermind sessions, Liam discusses the topic of money and how to raise funds for various business ventures. Liam shares his expertise and experience in raising money quickly and effectively, and addresses common fears and anxieties around raising money, such as the fear of rejection or losing investors’ money.



“I’m known in the industry as the money man. I can, you know, raise money like relatively quickly.”

“You’ve got to start thinking bigger than what you’re thinking now, which means you have to take more risk, but it’s calculated risk.”

“There’s enough money out there for us all and every single one of you can access it if you really want to do it.”

“You’ve got to make sure you nail people down with options, dates and times. Very, very, very important.”


Welcome, everyone, to our fantastic pool, masterminding. Hopefully you like the pool area, something which has been coming up a lot this week is you know, money, how do we use money? How do we raise money, it’s a subject that I love to talk about. I’m very good at it. I’ve done it for a long time. Now I’m known in the industry as the manly man, I can raise money, like, relatively quickly. So yeah, I thought let’s kick off the mastermind talking about you know, money and how to access it. Because some of you want to raise money for your rent to rent relocation business, and you want to get investors involved and, you know, give them a really good return. But maybe you don’t quite know what to say to them at the moment, or how to really structure the deal, or what the right type of contracts are that unneeded. You’ve never raised money before.

So there’s some fear and anxiety around that level. And maybe you don’t like the thought of rejection? And what if people say no to you? And there’s some fear around? Well, what if I lose the person money. And when you’re when you’ve got this fear, or these things which are concerning you, this is how you stay stuck. Because it’s easier not to do it than it is to do it. That’s the reality, right? It’s easier for you just to keep doing what you’ve always done surviving not thriving, it’s to actually become business owners and run a proper business, something which is scalable, something which adds massive value to other people. And one of the ways of scaling is, of course, using other people’s money, right. Some of you want to start looking at development deals, and you want to start using other people’s money to go and buy property at some point. So it is a skill that can be mastered by anyone and I truly believe that like if you really want to do something, like if you’ve got something in front of you and it’s like, I really want to do this, this is what happens, the brain very easily says, Oh, I can’t do that. Or can’t afford that. Or I’m not sure sure about that. But what about this? And what about that. And if you’re not careful, you talk yourself out of making great decisions. But if you’ve got something in front of you, that looks good and let’s just say it’s an investor, for example, or a deal, it’s a deal, and it looks good, and it’s gonna give you a great return on investment, you’ve just got to go for it and say, I’m doing it, I’ll figure it out or find a way.

So you know, raising money is a skill, it’s a skill that anyone can master, I believe anyone is here can do anything that we want to do, if we put our minds to it, because you get what you focus on. So when you start to focus on working with investors, you’ll typically find investors because there’s a lot of money out there. But what can happen for a lot of people is that they can have this like scarcity mindset around money. And maybe right now, you know, maybe your business isn’t doing too good. Or maybe your units aren’t quite where you want them. And perhaps you’re not getting the cash flow that you want right now. And all of a sudden, you can be scared about money and you don’t think there’s enough money, you know, what’s important is to have an abundant mindset. You know, there’s enough money out there for us all and every single one of you can access it, if you really want to do it. There’s loads of ways in which you can access money for any type of deal that you want to do. And also, when it comes to money, you’ve got to understand risk versus reward. You know, when you’re working with investors, of course, there’s an element of risk. Yeah, yeah. Could the deal not quite well, maybe. But this is why you have mentors and this is why you dot the i’s and cross the T’s. You know, when I’m raising money for a 9 million pound development deal out in Maidenhead, which has been going on it’s 26 units and we’ve got, you know, 600 grand from private investors.

Yeah, there’s an element of risk. But you got to roll with the punches. You just got to go in for it in for a penny in for a pound. And look, you can’t have the big rewards like Raytheon. If you want big rewards, by the way, yeah. You want to go big, you want more. You want a life of abundance. You want to have a great pension, you want to provide for your children, you want to travel the world, but then you’ve got to start thinking bigger than what you’re thinking now. Which means you have to take more risk, but it’s calculated risk. You know, I love to take risk on. I love to take debt on as long as it’s good debt, not bad debt. And there’s There’s a really big difference between good debt and bad debt. So So what would we say right team? What would we say as some of your blocks or barriers or challenges? When it comes to using other people’s money, what what’s been holding you personally back in, I’m going to have an investor meeting, where I’m going to invite investors for the first time and these are people typically from the Bengali community in Luton, who are typically Muslims and one of the things that Muslims don’t want to do is invest where interest is required either paying it or receiving it.

So what I want is to raise money to start up, essays, yep, they will pay for the initial deposit, the furniture set up. And also the first month’s rent as it were, we will use 50% of the profits, profits mind not income, to keep paying them back and we should be paying them back within 678 months. After that, we then need to work on one or two deals, either the stay for the life of the project, how long we have that property, or they stay for limited, say three years or something and if they will get there, once they’ve had all their money back, which is a relatively short time, 678 months, yeah, so there’s no risk left for them. It will be a case of they’ll get 20% of the profit. If they want a quit or a longer return, it might be okay, you get to get 10% of the profit. So for example, if eight nine year deal, you’ll get 10%. If it’s a three year deal, you’ll get 10%. So my challenge is, what’s the best way to put it through these guys to come up with the funds? Is again, it’s not a lot of money. I’m looking at 678 1000 pounds per maximum per setup. Yeah,
I think you’ve explained it really well there to be fair, you know, you’ve explained that really?

Well. I would, that’s all you can do, mate, you just present it to them. I wouldn’t have a like an eight, nine year option. I’d have like, you know, a two year or five year? That’s what I would do. Yeah, because eight, nine years bit bit too long term. You know, if you stay in for two years, you get this percentage, if you want to stay in for five, or you just go with one option, you know, you get all your money back. And then over two years, you’re able to get this type of percentage. But yeah, maybe maybe go with your two options is always good, because it’s good, then people will typically always go with one of the options. But you’ve worked hard on this, you’ve got your signature solution. For those of you that don’t know, heavies is in expert speaker Academy, which is one of our speaker verticals. And, you know, it’s really, really come on leaps and bounds. And I feel for this for like, it’s your first one. And it’s great. By the way, you know, he’s he’s putting on his own event. He’s inviting his local community is going to stand up on stage, he’s going to speak one to many. And I’m pretty sure he’s going to get some of them to invest in him 567 1000 pounds. What you’re looking to do there heavies if you’re looking to just generate the lead, but you want let’s say there’s, say 10 people that want to do it, then you must make sure before the event finishes, you either have a one to one with them at the event if there’s a team of you, or you get zooms booked in literally for the next day. Don’t do it on Oh, yeah. Oh, cool. Yeah, mate. Because you know how hard it is to get hold of people. So this is a really important thing about raising money. You’ve got to make sure you nail people down with options, dates and times. Very, very, very important. Because if not, people just they just disappear and you can’t get ahold of them again for weeks and weeks. And then there’s design level engineer, get off of V’s. Everyone is awesome. Yeah. Great. But I’m interested to hear from other people, you know, what’s your, what would be a block or a challenge or something that you’re fearful of when it comes to using other people’s money? Yeah, it was we’re all sitting here talking about this. So the creativity could be within a team.

Okay, great. So you could go out to your team or your peers, whatever that looks like, and then look to get people in together, which I think is a great thing to say and for sure. How else could you personally get creative to go and raise money? Can I just go back a bit and say, I’ve kind of share what these two have said. My thing is, if I see something I get really excited about it inside. However, I don’t know how to put it out. I run away in my mouth. off if you if that if that makes sense. So, you know, you almost talk people out of it. Well, exactly, exactly. That’s what that’s what I probably do that I guess comes with practice. Yeah. As far as individually. I don’t know just get really stuck into it get really involved in deep dive is the as you as you put it.

Yeah, but how can we raise money? What are the ways? Yeah, so you said one earlier we can go to where the banks. Yeah. So we can go to the banks, can’t we? Yeah. And there’s many ways in which you can get money from the banks. You can get credit cards. You can get interest only credit cards, low interest cards, you can get personal loans. You can get business loans, believe in yourself, no matter what really important. If you want something, just go and do it. Find a way Don’t let fear, hesitation, doubt, anxiety, confusion, get in your way. You got to keep going. Yeah, think big, act big. Every single one of us are really special person, and you can have whatever it is you want to have. You just got to keep pushing through.

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