Liam is joined by Shaun, a successful property investor and entrepreneur. Shaun shares his journey of transitioning from a corporate job to becoming a full-time business owner in the property and sales consultancy sectors. Shaun discusses his strategies, including the 80-20 rule, focusing on flips and buy-refurbish-refinance (BRR) deals.

He emphasises the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people and taking disciplined action to achieve goals. Shaun’s achievements, such as completing seven property deals and raising over £300,000 in joint venture funding, highlight the impact of mentorship and dedication in the property investment journey.



“The people that I find start property and don’t really do anything are the ones that come in and suffer from shiny penny syndrome.”

“It’s about being around people that are on the same journey as you.”

“I think the first thing I would say is that you need to get the mindset right.”

“Part of that is actually going to be the rent to rent strategy.”

“One decision, one moment, one strategy, one mentor, one training program, one mentorship program can literally change your life forever.”


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Multiple streams of property income, that is what we’re talking about. Today, I am joined by Shaun Bartle, who has been with me for almost three years, seven property deals. And he’s raised over 300,000 pounds of joint venture funding and made it into the assets for life Hall of Fame at the award ceremony in December, Shaun, incredible a man right to be it. Welcome to the studio. Well, it’s been nearly three years, it’s been an incredible journey. If you could summarise our journey in the last three years, what would be the one or two words to summarise?

Yeah, I’d say transformational and life changing. Awesome, great. Well, look, we’re gonna do a lot of content today. For our viewers. Before we talk about strategy, it’s really important to let people know where you was at nearly three years ago, before working with me in the team. So what did life look like? And really what motivated you to get started as a property investor?

Yeah, sure. So I’m an accountant by background. And at that time, when I was originally joining AFL, I was running a tax firm based in North Somerset, where I live. And it was one of those that I always knew it wasn’t the end goal. For me, it was always about getting assets, creating generational wealth. I’m not from a wealthy background. And so I wanted to be the one that breaks the cycle. Okay, great. So you wanted to break the cycle? You’ve got a young family. And I know time is very important for you. So you joined the program, you became one of my inner circle graduates. Can you explain what has been your experience overall of the program and how the program has helped you go from zero to seven property deals? Yeah, sure.

So the real key thing for me is that you really don’t know what you don’t know. And by joining the program, it meant that I had people that had huge amount of experience doing exactly what I want to do. So I had guidance. So if there was anything I didn’t know, I had you J and a team AFL, people that have done millions in deals that have covered every aspect. So for me, I kind of looked at it as having that guidance there is for me, you can’t put a price on it. Great, and, you know, obviously you joined you know, you showed up, you did the work. There’s been a few ups and downs, for sure. And at the time of joining, there would have been many other alternative investment programs, mentoring programs that you could have joined. Why was it that you joined me rather than someone else?

Yeah, sure. Great question as well. So for me, it was really the accounting of income out it was about doing my due diligence, making sure that I’ve done my homework and was actually very comfortable with who I was going to be investing in. Because as much as it was an investment in myself, it was also an investment in you, right? Because I had to make sure that the person I was going to work with, I’ve resonated with so many people to come across you it was first on social media, the ad pops up and I thought, well, the timing is perfect, you know, we’ve completed a flip deal. And whilst we made money on it, it was a very expensive mistake, because we should have held on to it and refinanced, which we’ll come on to later. But I didn’t know that was an option. I didn’t know that was a strategy. If I’d have had you beforehand, then I would have had that property had the capital appreciation, the cash flow for four years now. And so I really resonated with you your background and history, your story and journey. You know, I’m from Essex as well. Not from a wealthy background. I know that you’re not you broke that cycle. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.

Awesome and, your day job is accountant. You’re sort of work within the tax side of things. So you know, really clued up individual. But I think you realize that you just didn’t want to work for someone for the rest of your life. You want me to break three. And ultimately, you know, we’ve got a great relationship. We’ve had a lot of fun together. We’ve been on retreats together. You’ve been on my Millionaire’s retreat, you’re coming back out to sunny Mar Bay area. I think your week is in May or early part of June. And ultimately, you know, you’ve shown up and you’ve done the work, right. So part of the mentoring program that we’ve done with you over the last two and a half years you get online and you get live meetups. Yeah. When you come to those mentoring sessions, how impactful have they been? And what have been some of the golden nuggets that you get at those sessions that then go and help you get a better result?

Yeah, brilliant. So what for its online or in person, you know, it’s about being around people that are on the same journey as you. Now, the great thing with the inner circle community AFL community is that you’re in a room where some people are at the same level as you. But then you’ve got other people in the room that are much further ahead and they’ve already gone through that path that you’re trying to do. So again, you can learn from them and you can also help each other because everyone can learn from everyone and you just get a buzz off the atmosphere. You know, it’s brainstorming, there’s exercises, I mean, I remember you and I ran through like a live sort of sales presentation at one point to everyone else. And that was great. And it just, it just helps upskill you, but you don’t feel like you’re being forced to learn. You’re doing it in a safe, fun way. Great.

Since joining the program, you know, two and a half years ago now, yes, you’ve got seven property deals, what other milestones have you personally hit, and what have been some of your achievements, you know, becoming a property investor entrepreneur, share, some of those wins will be great. So
there’s several sort of smaller wins. And I’ve been more focused on my physical health, my mental health, and that’s all part of that business journey. In my opinion, I think, you know, you need to have a strong mind, to be able to be an entrepreneur or business owner, because it’s not an easy journey. It’s not as easy as a lot of people make out. But I would say the biggest win that I’m most grateful for is that I was actually able to sack the boss, I was able to be go become a full time business owner, with the property business and my sales consultancy business. Wow.

So that is incredible. Because I remember when we first met, you said, Liam, I really want to get out of what I do. You know, I’m good at what I do. But I don’t enjoy it anymore. I don’t want to be in the corporate world. So when did you start the boss?

So officially, my contract last day was the 31st of December. Nice. So literally, you know, we’re in a couple of weeks now. So you are fully business owner, you’ve got a sales consultancy business, you’ve got your property company, well, how are you feeling man going into 2024.

It’s brilliant. And I’m so psyched up like the focus is on a different level. And that’s not to say I wasn’t focused before, but it’s just reached a whole new higher, I’m sort of, you know, wake up, go gym early, and then I’m set up for the day. And then my day is however, I want to structure it. So you know, I’ve done a couple of speaking events with people. And you know, we do I do some of the coaching stuff in the academy. I’ve just got that flexibility of all these different things. Wow. It’s incredible. And what what what impact have these changes now had on the relationship with soon to be your wife? Really looking forward to the wedding, by the way? And the relationship with your son, right?

Yeah, yeah and my stepson as well. So we had the four of us live in the house and beforehand, I couldn’t take my son to school, because of you know, having a boss had, I was starting at eight would finish at four. So I never got to take him to school. Now I’m taking him to school. It’s an extra probably hour in the day that I get with him. And you know, that’s priceless. He’s six, and you’re not going to get that time back. It means that I’ve got more time with my fiancée and my stepson as well. So as a family, we’ve got more time. But it also means that I can remove this work life balance, because for me, I always think it should be one in companies thing. You know, when we’re out at the retreat, you’ve got your family out there. When we go to the retreat this year. My fiancée and boys are coming out as well. So it’s about just making it all one thing. Yeah, yeah, I don’t have this cut off, like, oh, that’s work, best family life, it’s like, you know, seven days a week are pretty much the same, you know, it’s a life of choice and freedom. And don’t get me wrong, your grind it out from occasionally in the run events. And, you know, where the UK is leading property business and world training organization, you know, 42 members of staff and 28 million pounds worth of property deals in the last seven years. But you know, it’s about having more choice and more freedom and, and really having options where you can do what you want when you want and you know, imagine you’ve done seven deals in two and a half years working full time for someone else. Imagine what you’re going to do in the next two and a half years. Now you’ve got, you know, time back to do what you want, when you want. So let’s get into some of the nitty gritty now really, really important. There’s been two main strategies that you’ve focused on. And it’s what you we call the 8020. So can you give us some context? What is 8020? And what are the two main strategies that you’ve been working on for the last two and a half years? Yeah, sure.

So the 8020 rule is basically ensuring that you don’t have a scattergun approach. And the people that I find start property and don’t really do anything, are the ones that come in and suffer from shiny Penny syndrome. You know, they see someone doing well in deal packaging, they see someone doing flips, they see people making money and buy refurbish refinance and they try it all. The 8020 is making sure that you stay on one path. And so for us 80% of our time has been focused on flips, whereby you know, we want to look for the ugliest house on a nice Street, something that we can go in and add value to it. Ideally try and get it below market value. So we’re already got a margin. And then we want to refurbish it, turn it into a lovely house that someone can go into and have it that when people coming into the property they walk in and it sells itself because they look and think, Well, all I’ve got to do is get furniture. Everything’s done for lovely. So that’s the 80.

Okay, great. And from some of those flips, what’s been some of the profit that you’ve made on a on a flip deal? Yeah, sure. So the first flip deal we’ve done as part of assets for life was a no money down deal. So that was fully backed by an investor finance and bridging. So we didn’t have a penny of our money. And we walked away of around 26,000 on that.

Awesome. That’s nice and no money down. Yeah. And we’re going to talk more about that as we go through this episode. 26,000 pounds. Great. That’s absolutely brilliant. And the second strategy that you’re focusing on is what Yeah, so it’s the buy refurbish refinance, ideally to HMO so house of multiple occupants. Okay, so bite brr what is brr them? So buy refurbish refinance. So the aim of the game here is to buy a dirty, horrible, smelly, disgusting house. Worst house best streets, add lots of value to it. So there’s many ways in which you can add value to the property. You’ve got new kitchen, new bathroom, you go from three bedrooms or four bedroom, you do a title split on it split the answer flats, you could do a loft conversion you can do an extension. But one way in which you add value is via a conversion to a HMO. What HMO Shaun?

Yes, as house multiple occupants. So you know what we look for a three or four bed house and then we look to add even one or two bedrooms to that. And then what you’re essentially doing is you’re renting out each room. So there’ll be communal areas such as living room, some bathrooms, kitchens, some rooms, if they’re big enough, you might want to add an ensuite add even more value. And then that in itself is creating multiple streams of income within one property. That’s the beauty of it versus a biter lab.
Okay, so you do the BRR model. And the aim of the game is that you pull out your initial deposit plus the refurb costs. And then you’re able to do that, again, that’s not always possible and every deal on the BRR that you’ve done, have you been able to pull out all the money?

Yes. So the two that we’ve completed on the refinance, we’ve pulled out you have all
the money, so then you’re able just to go again, which ultimately gives you infinite return. Yeah. So for anyone tuning into this, it’s a great way to build a profit your business, you’ve got your flips going, which gives you the cash flow. You take the big lumps of cash, you can then use that for property deals. But one way in which you’ve done your br eyes and your flips is via no money down. Yeah. So when we talk about no money down, what the hell are you talking about?

Yeah, and it’s one of those that no money down, of course, there’s money going into a property deal, you know that cash is cash is key. But what this means is that it’s none of your own money. So for us, we go out and raise joint venture finance. So we’re looking for people, high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors, business owners, that don’t have the time don’t have the knowledge, but they want exposure to property, we bridge that gap. Because we’ve got the Power team set up, we’ve got the experience, because we’ve got several case studies to show that we offer them a fixed rate of return, sometimes it varies on the deal. But essentially, what we’re doing is we’re offering them a way of getting exposure to property in a completely hands off way. Wow, great. So when we talk about how to structure these deals, there’s really a couple of options, or two main options. So we’ve got a fixed rate return. So I would call that a savings accelerator. So that is where just for those people tuning in, someone lends you the money. Let’s say you need 100 grand, yet they lend you 100 grand, you figure out a rate of return that’s happy, let’s just call it 10% Doesn’t need to be 10%. I’ve borrowed money recently, it just 6% or 7%. So at the end of the year, you would then pay them back the capital plus the repayments. So 110,000 They’re happy because they’re beating the banks. Yeah, they’ve not got work for it. And then you’ve basically bought an asset for free using other people’s money. So that’s the first option. The second option is where the same investor, let’s just say it’s me, the Bank of Liam, I give you the 100,000. But rather than you given me a fixed rate return, we do a profit share, where we either own the property together, or we share 50% of the profit. If it was the flip. Would that be a fair assumption? Yeah, of how we structure these deals. Yeah, exactly. Great. And actually, once you do it once, they’re very easy to do very scalable. You know, you’ve raised how much now?

It’s about 320,000 at the moment with multidrop in the next really like 260 days. And if you’ve done a mixture of portfolio builder profit share and fixed rate return. Yes. So the first ones we’ve done with sort of a fixed rate of return Yeah, and being completely transparent. We paid higher than was necessary, but that was because it was the first one how much did you pay so it ended up being 15%? But we’re not talking on a huge amount and numbers words and we’re still May 26. All right, so everybody’s your
first one, right? You’re always nervous on the first one. Yeah. Like, if you will, I typically gave more away eight years ago, seven years ago, six years ago than I do today. I still give people a great deal. But I give people the deal today that I should have done then. But I was so eager. I was desperate. I just wanted to build this multi million pound property business. And, you know, I certainly gave more away in the beginning, then you really need to but you know, you live alone, right? Yeah, exactly. Learning. What Why? Why else? Do you feel it’s important to use other people’s money? And what are the other benefits involved? Yeah, sure. Well, I think one of the key things is that you actually helping people, and I think this is the mindset shift that a lot of people need to get over. Because, you know, being in with you guys, for nearly three years, many people join the Academy, I get very nervous about raising finance, you know, part of it is that they’re worried people won’t invest in them. But part of it as well is that they feel they’re being greedy. And I try to explain to people, you’re doing a service to people, because if it wasn’t for you, they wouldn’t be doing that deal. The the first finance we raised, for instance, it was a couple based in London, very sort of high executive jobs, they had a young family, they simply did not have the time or knowledge on how to do it. They also were looking to move, but they didn’t quite have the savings. So they came in on our deal. We repaid them, and guess what they was able to move a lot quicker, or a
lot sooner. Wow. So the money you made them help them move. Yes, I really helped that person out. And I think that’s a really, really good point. A lot of people using other people’s money, they put the person with the money on the pedestal. And it’s not that we should be on the pedestal. We’re both equal, equal partners. I feel we’re equal. But I do feel that we bring in more value. Because of the time, the knowledge, the experience, I definitely feel that today, where were eight years ago, I definitely put the money on a pedestal. But the bottom line is, we’re going into this as partners, and we both bring value that can help one another go to that next level. No. And I feel that when people get there, and they understand that they are providing a service to help somebody they don’t feel like they’re selling or, you know, they’re taken advantage of anyone do that. Certainly not what it is. Yeah. So when you pay the investor back, how did that make you feel?

I was brilliant, it was actually a lot more satisfying than I thought it would be, you know, because it’s one of those that I try and keep business and sort of personal feelings separate. But you couldn’t help it. It was just very, very fulfilling. You know, it made me very content that I was doing the right thing, you know, I’ve got very strict rule with myself and how I live my life, which is that every night put my son to sleep, I have to look at him and know, I can take peace and be contented. I’ve not screwed anyone over or done anything wrong. And this was just like, you have helped people. It was really good feeling. That’s
good. That’s good. Yeah. I was always said that I look at my son at night. And, you know, like and get away with people. And maybe there’s people tuning into here. And you know, they have regrets. And maybe there’s people listening to this and they have, they’re not spending enough time with their loved ones. They’re not creating those memories with their children, they want to do it, but they just don’t know how to do it. Yeah. And the mad thing is shown is there just one or two property deals away from experiencing a completely different side of life, and giving them the confidence and the mindset and the drive and the focus to really make their lives come true. And you know, property, as you know, is an incredible asset, you know, doubles every 10 years. You get capital appreciation, you get the passive income. What would you what would you say to anyone now listening in that perhaps wants to get started, but they’ve got some blocks, barriers challenges, maybe they don’t believe in themselves? What words of wisdom would you share? Having gone through this process two and a half years in now seven deals full time in property? What would you like to share?

I think the first thing I would say is that you need to get the mindset, right. And by doing that, you need to surround yourself with the right people. So there’s always the saying about, you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, but I will go a step further and say that you’re the average of the five people that you let influence you. So stop paying attention to who you’re listening to. Would you swap places with that person? You know, don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t swap places with. And I would say that, you know, you need to take action sooner rather than later. We only get one go around on life and you need to make it count. The I don’t live in regret. But the one thing that I do wish I’d done sooner, was get a mentor sooner, because if I’d have had someone like yourself and the AFL team in my early 20s I think I would be completely financially free by now. And it’s fine. You know, life happens, but just get it done. You know, don’t make excuses. Just focus on solutions. Yeah and how do you feel your growth has been so far since being mentored by me and and my world class team, it would have taken me years and years to get the knowledge, the experience and stuff where I’ve been able to condense that whilst working full time and having a young family. So, you know, it goes without saying that it’s been completely life changing and, you know, to add to that it really is just a matter of get it done. Yeah.

Yeah. And looking into the future. Now, Shaun, what is the vision look like for Shaun for your missus for you know, your boy in your step son? What are some of the targets you’ve got for the next one or two years? Share some of that stuff? Yeah, sure. So that in terms of the property stuff, I want to hit 500k joint venture finance, certainly this year. And I want to get to 15 deals this year. And part of that is actually going to be the rent to rent strategy. Okay, going back to the 8020. Rent to rent isn’t part of that. What I’ve done is actually team up with someone who I’ve met for assets for life, who’s, you know, key person in assets for life, and doing a joint venture with Daniel Steele, we’ve already got one rent to rent deal together. And we’re working on a plan on how we can scale that to 10 more units. So yeah, that’s that’s really about where the win win situation is. I gotta find the money. I find the investor, we put that in. Okay,
so that’s the aim of the game is you’re not even going to use your own money in these deals. I think you did on the first one. Yeah, I did on the first day. Yeah.

So obviously, Daniels at 13 deals now. Yeah. He was actually here doing a podcast as well, which was absolutely awesome. So he’s on 13 deals. And and that’s really interesting. So you met through the academy? Yes, he’s great. You’ve built up a really good relationship. And so you’re now are you going to set up a company together? And then you’ll basically be shareholders, directors, and then again, you’ll bring in the money. So you’ll find the money he finds the deals?

Yeah. Yeah. So we’re finding out a business plan. You know, it’s very keen not to just rush into it. Yeah. So we’ve got the one deal. And that case studies proven we get along really well. He’s coming to the stag, though, he’ll be at the wedding as well. So I’ll have an AFL table. But you know, the key thing is to make sure to get we get that set up. Right, it is certainly a long term thing that we want to be working together. So yeah, it’s going to be a mixture of race and joint venture finance, but also because I’ve, I’m going to be scanning a lot on the sales consultancy business, I will also invest some of my money. Okay, so why not? Yeah, it could be one deals, joint venture finance, the next deal was personal finance. But either way, I’m still benefiting because Dan does what he does best, which is finding the deal making through the numbers work. And actually, you know, what, one of the ways in which my business has grown in the last eight years is through partnerships. Yeah, you know, partnerships, collaborating joint ventures, you know, when we talk about joint ventures, we It doesn’t have to just be about the money. It’s what can you bring into the relationship that is going to create a win win? Where can you have shared value? Where can you enhance each other’s relationship, basically, to get to the ultimate goal, which for many joint venture partnerships, is financial freedom, living a life that they truly deserve? And desire, having fun following a guaranteed process? So yeah, that’s music to my ears. I, I’ve lost count, actually, how many joint ventures have happened within the assets for life community over the last eight years, but, you know, the community’s you know, cooking on gas right now, for sure. What would you say, has been one of your challenges in the last two and a half years? And how we’ve been able to help you overcome that? Yeah.

So I guess the best story to illustrate this and answer the question would be when I first started, so March 21. For the first sort of five, six months, I was turning up to recessions coming to the events and stuff and I was excited, you know, pumped up motivated. But the reality was, I wasn’t taking enough action. And it’s because we had some of our own capital. So we had some savings. And what I think that was doing subconsciously, is that I felt had a safety net. So we jumped on a session, I can’t remember if that one was recorded or not, we jumped on a session around September 2021. And you gave me a sort of gentle nudge. And some guidance basically said, Look, you need to go all in, you need to make it happen, get posting more, do more networking, build more relationships, and what we did is we pumped some money into our house and refurbed it made it better, so that I had no choice but to go out and find money. It was almost like putting my back against the wall. So that I have to come out swinging. I’m gonna have to make it happen. Wow. So that was yeah, that was like a push that you needed. Yeah. I’m remember you were sort of stagnating. You were comfortable. You know, your salary was, you know, pretty much okay. You had a decent life, you know, your car on the drive roof over yet. You’re actually playing it safe. Yeah. And that’s a very, very dangerous place to be. So who and what would you say has been instrumental in your journey and why? Yeah, of course, you and Jay and the team asset for life, you know, it wouldn’t have happened without you guys, it would have taken me a hell of a lot longer, I would have made a lot of mistakes, and who knows what that could have cost me in terms of the financial side. So that’s been absolutely life changing. But I also have to give a big shout out to my fiance as well, because at the end of the day, you know, it was our money we were invested in, it was a lot of trust from her in me that I was making the right decision. Because at the end of the day, she didn’t know you guys at all. And actually, in all honesty, it wasn’t hard to sell her on that, you know, she knew what my vision was when we first met, sort of seven, eight years ago. And having her by my side on that journey just just makes it better. Because I know that there’s someone that fully supports me, as do my parents as well. You know, they’re my biggest fans. And I think that’s really important. Well, I think it’s absolutely wonderful Shaun, that you’ve given your lovely fiancé a shout out, you know, it’s the start of 2024. I truly believe this is going to be an incredible year for you. You’ve started to really build some momentum now. How did it feel entering into the assets for life Hall of Fame? In December for the two awards? Right? So yeah, you got the five deal award, obviously, I’ve done seven now. But you come into the Hall of Fame’s once you’ve done your initial five deals, and the first milestone for raising money is 250,000 pounds, and you’ve smashed that now? How did it feel actually being recognized for those achievements and being caught up on stage or 200 people in the room and, and collecting your gold disc?

Yeah, it’s brilliant. I’ve been chasing that one for a while. You know, we’ve caught up a lot on it and, you know, there’s been several deals that fall through and you sort of you go through these peaks and troughs, or to actually get to that point where it’s like, yes, that was the first milestone in in propels me to move forward and actually go after the office or so well, the next one is 10 deals. Yeah, I’m pretty confident you’ll have that by December. Definitely. The one after that is 25 deals, so you never know and the next milestone for the money is half a million pounds, which you’ve said is a is a target that you want to set yourself this year. So I just want to really summarise now and just saying, what an incredible journey, I’m really proud of you. It’s been wonderful. You’re also now a great mentor in the academy. And it just goes to show that even when someone’s in a high profile, corporate job, working silly hours, that through the effort and sacrifice and putting in the hours, and we allow compounding to kick in over many, many years, hey, in just two and a half years, you will now reached some of those goals that we set, you know, two and a half years ago. So hey, what an awesome, awesome session. That was a massive congratulations, honestly, Shaun, I am so excited. We must do another one of these in maybe a year or two. And we’ll have a catch up. Any final thoughts? Top Tips for our viewers?

Yeah, sure. I think top tip is to just be completely obsessed with your goals. You know, my word for the year is discipline. So I think what people need to do is become disciplined in taking action. And actually, if they have a set of goals, they need to make sure that they’re taking action to achieve those goals. And if people are looking to get into property, they need to go and get a mentor, in my opinion, go and find people that have already achieved what you want to achieve. And just do whatever it takes to go and work with them learn from them. Two and a half years ago, we didn’t really know each other and in a few months time you’ll come into my wedding. So it’s a testament to how powerful things like this can be. That was incredible. There we have it. You know what one word there this pulling? Are you disciplined? Maybe you are maybe you’re not, maybe you’re disciplined in the wrong area.

Maybe you’re just working too hard. Maybe you’re overwhelmed, stressed out, you are doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. And you might feel like you’re living in Groundhog Day. Look, one decision one moment, one strategy, one mentor, one training program. One mentorship program can literally change your life for ever. So make sure that you go and check out all of my resources. Get yourself to Come on hang out or one of my free property training events. It could just be the difference that makes the difference. If I can do it, you can do it too. My name is Liam Ryan, the host of Liam Jay Ryan the dealmaker podcast. I look forward to having you on the next episode.

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