Liam discusses the best property strategies in the UK for 2023, highlighting the current market conditions, including rising interest rates, inflation, and a shortage of homes, which have created opportunities for buyers.

Liam shares his personal experience of being involved in over £28 million worth of property deals and predicts that the next few years will be even more lucrative. He explores various strategies such as single lets, rent-to-rent, lease options, land developments, and commercial conversions, emphasising the potential for generating passive income and substantial profits.



“With interest rates on the rise, inflation at its highest level, cost of living out of control, people’s wages suffering, this has created a frenzy.”

“Rents are going up at the fastest rate we have seen in decades and there’s less people able to buy.”

“Income follows assets. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter and having your money work for you.”

“Imagine sacking the boss, reducing your hours, being in a position where you’ve just doubled your money in literally two property transactions.”


If you’re listening to the dealmaker podcast, hosted by multimillionaire property investor, entrepreneur, and Guinness World Record holder, Liam Ryan, discover how to start scale and grow your business become a better negotiator create more opportunity and make massive profit so you can live the life of your dreams.

In this episode, we are going to look at the best property strategies in the UK 2023. What are the UK is best property strategies in 2023? Oh, my goodness, where do I begin? There is just so much opportunity right now, with interest rates on the rise inflation at its highest level cost of living out of control people’s wages suffering. This has created a frenzy because we’ve every downside, there are plenty of upsides. And what we are seeing now is the latest property transit transition, where it is becoming a buyers market rather than a seller’s market. In 2020, 2021, and 2022 we did some incredible deals. I’ve actually personally been involved with over 28 million pounds worth of property deals in just the last seven years.

However, the next 1224 48 months are going to be ridiculous. In my expert opinion, more people are needing to sell the UK. We live on a small island. They’re not making any more land. And we have a shortfall of nearly 400,000 homes per year. Yes, that’s correct. 400,000 homes per year, rents are going up at the fastest rate we have seen in decades. And there’s less people able to buy, people are struggling with their mortgage payments, and people are needing a solution.

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Now if you are new to property, or maybe you’ve been in property for some time, and you’ve been focusing on one property strategy, perhaps you’re not quite sure what is the next move, where to start, how to scale, what to say to agents, where to find deals, how to legally structure deals, you want to get into property and scale. But this has been leaving you confused, anxious sitting on the sidelines. And you’ve just done what you’ve always done, which is what most people do is they get up, they work far too hard. They don’t get paid enough money and their lives do not move forward. Look, income follows assets. It’s not about working harder. It’s about working smarter, and having your money work for you. Now, what are the best property strategies in the UK in 2023? Well, I’m here to tell you, they are all good. So let me name a few strategies. And it all really depends on who you are, where you’re from in the UK, and what you’re looking to personally achieve because what is the right property strategy for me right now might be completely different to where you are at. So let’s start with good old single let’s this strategy has been around for many, many, many, many, many years. It is a cookie cutter approach. Rinse and repeat. Very simple. You buy something that needs work doing to a dirty, horrible, smelly, disgusting property. You get the worst property on the best street, you bring in a building team. You give it lots of love, you add lots of value, and then you rent it out on a single basis to a family or a couple and you have a mortgage. The tenants are paying the mortgage and then you’re left with cashflow perhaps 200 304 maybe even five and 600 pounds a month.

Again depending on where you’re at in the UK. I absolutely love by two let’s because you can scale relatively fast. You can use other people’s money property in the UK doubles every 10 years. So you get capital appreciation, passive income, you make money while you sleep. And you have a good chance if you get the right property in the right location at the right price, and you add enough value to that property that you can get back all of your initial deposits and refurb money. And this is how you go and get houses for free. What would it feel like getting your first or next house for free. So love single let’s downside, you’re only generating 234,100 pounds cash flow per property, you’re going to need a lot of those properties to perhaps replace your income, or reach a point where you can do what you want when you want with who you want, you’re going to need a lot before you get the Lamborghinis or the private jets or the five star holiday six times a year. However, it is definitely something worth starting with. And then start looking at other property strategies.

Another great strategy for 2023 is you’ve got the rent to rent strategy. This is where you do not even have to buy a house, you go and rent a property from a landlord, you pay the landlord the rent that you agree and then with the right legal contract, you can sublet it, re rent it out as number one, a hate HMO a house in multiple occupancy. So a multi let property out to perhaps professional tenants. Or you can do it as serviced accommodation. This is where you’re renting it out by the night and you’re renting it out to guests rather than tenants. So they pay a higher nightly rate. It’s almost like operating a hotel home away from home hugely popular. Now, with the rent to rent strategy, getting the right property in the right location with the right tenant or guest type you should be making on average 15,000 pounds per year per property. How many of them do you need to replace your income? Hey, the average salary in the UK is around 30,000 pounds. So just two of these, and you could replace your income. Imagine sacking the boss, reducing your hours being in a position where you’ve just doubled your money in literally two property transactions. With the right training with the right mentoring, you could secure three of these within the next 90 days. And man, there’s a lot of landlords right now that cannot afford their mortgages, their properties are not working interest rates have gone up, I was actually speaking to one lady today, her property, the interest, the mortgage payment is about to go from 300 pounds to over 1500 pounds. This is the time my friends to be working with landlords. Look, the more landlords that have problems, the more solutions we can bring. And this is how you create a win win. You don’t necessarily need to go through credit checks, you’ve not got to raise hundreds of 1000s of pounds, you’ve not got to go through the legal process, the buying process, you’re literally just renting a property and re renting it out. Now the great strategy lease options. Again, this is really, really attractive right now, because of the amount of motivated sellers up and down the UK, people are really finding it difficult, because most people, they are reliant on just one source of income. And their income at the moment with the cost of living is not enough to pay the bills and people are getting into bad debt and bad debt and bad debt. And people are having to sell their properties. So you could perhaps do a lease option where you lease rent a property from a landlord use it as a HMO serviced accommodation. And then you have an option to buy the property at some point in the future, let’s say within the next four years at an agreed price to date. So by now you have the option to pay later. And we’re going into lease option territory where this is going to be a great strategy for the right person. You’ve also got land developments and commercial conversions, big money strategies. Imagine doing your first development and making 250,000 pounds with just one deal. And having that money paid into your bank account at some To point within the next 1215 or 18 months, just imagine that now 250,000 landing in your bank account, what difference is that going to make to your life? What options is that gonna open? Hey, my first ever land development deal, I built seven flats in two houses, these types of deals can be making half a million pounds.

My first commercial conversion, I took an office, I converted it into 16, one bedroom apartments in Colchester opposite the premiere in half a million pound profit, you’re able to do these deals using investor finance, using bridging finance, using development finance, getting creative, yes, using none of your own money. And guess what? You haven’t got to be a builder. You don’t have to be an architect. You haven’t got to be a solicitor. You don’t have to be any of those things. I can’t even change a bloody plug or a light bulb. My wife Holly does all of that stuff. What do you do? You get mentored, you get educated, you focus on high income generating tasks, you find deals, you find money, you become the middle person, you take your bid off the top, and this is how you scale. And there are a serious amount of commercial buildings right now sitting empty. owners cannot rent them out. Because more and more people are working from home. More and more people want small offices.

The High Street isn’t what it used to be. It’s completely changing, completely changing. Hey, even John Lewis, many of those are going to be closing down Debenhams gone, it’s all changed, which means that new opportunity, the way that you have been shown how to make money is very, very different to how you make money today. And you need to keep up with the times you need to adapt, you need to pivot you need to have a new vision, you need to believe in yourself. Because just one property strategy, one bill, one investor, one opportunity can change everything for you. This is what happened to me eight years ago, and I now own the UK is leading property business and wealth training organization. I’ve trained 1000s of people, ordinary people just like you and I to go and get extraordinary results. So what’s holding you back? Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s procrastination, maybe it’s some bullshit excuse around time, money, or you blame the government or COVID, or whatever it might be. But you’ve got to level up. And if you want it, if you want to get into property, if you want to build an empire, if you want to build a legacy for your future, so you never have to worry about money ever again. Then get involved with one of the U K’s best property strategies. 2023. Hey, I run lots of events. I love what I do. What you see is what you get, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m just an ordinary guy from Essex. But I know what works. I can help you, my team can help you. We are a world class team. With 1000s and 1000s of positive reviews. I’ve been doing this now in the UK as a training organization for eight years. And I run very special events, free events where you can come and hang out with me, my team, and you can discover what is the best strategy for you. We take you behind the scenes, so you know how to find deals, what to say to the agents how to overcome objections, really, strategically placing yourself in the marketplace.

So you can go and when you can have more adventure, you can be part of a great team. And you know that you’ve got a step by step strategy with facts and figures and graphs and charts, that’s going to lead you to your end result. So if you’re watching this video now, and you like the idea of getting to know me and my team even better, and you want to join the best property team in the UK, then somewhere in the description, there’s going to be a link, hit the link, I’m issuing some free tickets right now. They’re going to go really, really really really fast. So act fast act now activate, hey, just click that link, choose the event that you want to come to get yourself registered, it’s completely free, come and hang out, hey, something great could happen. If you don’t like it, you’ve not lost nothing but a little bit of time, and then you can go on your merry way because your old life is not gonna go anywhere. In order to get something different. You must do something different. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this piece of content. Why don’t you head over to www dot assets for and grab yourself one of my limited free tickets to one of my up and coming events. Come and hang out with me and my great team. And I’ll show you exactly how to start scale and grow and we will determine together, what is the best strategy for you help you get up and running, so you can get that first or next deal up and running literally in the next few weeks. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you in my next podcast.

You’re listening to the dealmaker podcast, hosted by multimillionaire property investor, entrepreneur, and Guinness World Record holder Liam Ryan, discover how to start scale and grow your business become a better negotiator create more opportunity and to make massive profit so you can live the life of your dreams or dreams.


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