If you’re in the housing market or in the construction business, then you have probably noticed that in recent years, the cost of construction has skyrocketed. As a result, the housing market has taken a hit, with prices increasing along with the cost of construction. It has become increasingly difficult for builders and homebuyers to stay competitive in the current market. So, in this blog post, I will delve deeper into understanding how the rise in construction costs has affected the housing market.

Limited Affordable Housing

As the cost of construction materials and labour increases, builders find it harder to build affordable homes. In turn, this has led to a shortage of affordable housing and an increase in the prices of the few that are available. This has negatively impacted homebuyers and renters in low to middle-income groups. Even with the rise of new technology and the increased speed of construction, the costs to build remain high in many markets worldwide.

Fewer New Constructions

As construction costs rise, some developers have had to delay new construction projects or opt for smaller-scale developments. Builders are also struggling to maintain profit margins as construction costs rise. This has slowed construction in many high growth markets, meaning fewer homes available for sale to meet rising demand.

Hesitant Buyers

With housing prices going up, some buyers become more hesitant when considering a purchase. More and more people are choosing to rent instead of committing to the high costs of homeownership. This hesitation has caused demand to decline, leading to more inventory and the possibility of a housing market crash.

New Material Supplies

Rising construction costs have forced builders to seek out alternative construction materials to keep costs down. Timber, for example, has become a popular alternative to traditional materials such as steel and concrete. Builders now have to be more creative in their approach to construction projects to ensure their profit margins remain favorable.

Higher Living Expenses

The rise in construction costs has caused many other costs to increase. These include luxury taxes, municipal taxes, property taxes, and more. The overall cost of living has become unaffordable for some people and led to a lower demand for homes, impacting the new home construction market.

In conclusion, the impact of rising construction costs on the housing market has not been favourable for builders and homebuyers alike. Affordability is now a significant challenge for low to middle-income groups, creating a need for more affordable homes nationwide. Builders must find ways to continue to grow while keeping construction costs within reason. In the long term, suppliers must source new materials and use modern building technology to get prices down to continue to meet the market’s demand. Homebuyers, developers, and suppliers must work together to ensure a sustainable and affordable housing market in the future.

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