Since the pandemic, the notion of working remotely has shifted from being taboo to being the norm. People are relishing the flexibility and comforts of being able to work anywhere. It has also opened up the possibility of being able to combine business and leisure activities – a trend rightfully dubbed “workations.”

In recent years, serviced accommodations have been observing an increase in demand for work-friendly holiday stays. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can turn your property into one:

Install highspeed internet

When we talk about remote work, there is no surprise that reliable wifi would be on top of the checklist. Anyone will expect an internet connection to be readily available in their accommodation but for workationeers it has to be more than the usual speed. Your wifi should be able to supply sufficient data for virtual activities such as video conferences and presentations.

Most clients look for a minimum of 100 up to 500mbps. It is also important that the wifi can be accessed throughout the property so occupants can have the freedom of choosing where to work within the premises. You may consider installing a wifi repeater to address this. It will also be good to have a backup modem available on standby in case of network issues.

Have plenty of work surfaces

In an office or at home, an employee usually has a dedicated desk or workstation where they remain sitting down to focus on their work for the day. However, people who go on a workation usually enjoy being able to move around and savour different settings within the property. At times, they also want to be close to the centre of family activities even while they are behind the computer. Having ample work surfaces where they can easily place their gadgets is surely an advantage.

Electrical outlets should be accessible

It will also be wise if you place work surfaces in areas where power outlets are easily accessible. The more sockets, the better. Avoid placing furniture where they can block the outlets. If necessary, you can also provide extension cords for hard-to-reach areas.

Provide adapters for devices

A mismatched plug and socket are one of the most classic modern-day misfortunes. This is a particular concern of guests especially those travelling from another region. It will be a nice gesture to add adapters to the usual amenities along with other useful items such as pens, notepads, clips, and others.

Invest in a backup generator

Recently, the UK announced its entry into a nationwide energy crisis. During this time of uncertainty, potential guests are likely to look for serviced accommodations that will offer security in terms of power supply, especially if they are booking the property for business purposes.

If your area is prone to blackouts, it could be worth it to invest in a backup generator or solar power system. You can find portable generators in the market that are less expensive but can support an average house.

Offer free coffee!

Why do people enjoy working in coffee shops? Free wifi, yes – but hey, they love the coffee too!

According to a Europe-wide survey by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, 68% of respondents attest that they always or frequently drink coffee while working. In the UK alone, people drink an estimated 98 million cups per day of this energy-boosting beverage.

Free-flowing coffee as part of your rental inclusions would be a very tempting perk.

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