14 Questions To Ask an Estate Agent When Buying Property


It’s so important to know what questions to ask an estate agent when buying property. I know how difficult this can be when you’re first starting, so in today’s blog post I will be sharing 10 questions to ask an estate agent when buying property.

  1. What is the owner’s reason for selling the property?
  2. How long has the property been listed for?
  3. Has the property’s worth changed?
  4. Are property owners moving out frequently?
  5. What’s the lowest price that the seller will accept?
  6. Do the sellers have a new property to move into?
  7. Has there been any offers on the property?
  8. What is the neighbourhood like? Is it safe? Near a school/shop?
  9. Are there any local plans that might have an impact on the property?
  10. Is the home leasehold or freehold?
  11. Are there any neighbours? If so, what are they like?
  12. What is included with the sale of the property?
  13. How long have the current residents lived there?
  14. Have the sellers undergone any work on the property?

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